2009 Reports

Point Pleasant Fishing Charter
Written by Capt. Allen   
Monday, 21 December 2009 20:31
Point Pleasant Fishing Charter

For anglers that are looking for a great central point of departure for both inshore and offshore Fishing Charters, Point Pleasant and the surrounding area around Manasquan Inlet is the one and only choice to make when choosing a Fishing Charter.  Boasting a river full of fish and fishable water in the Manasquan River, and an ocean that just to the east which boasts even more endless angling opportunities, any saltwater angler can cash in on the bounty that can be had in this area.

Inshore Fishing
The Point Pleasant area boasts several world-class fisheries that any angler worth his or her weight in salt would want to cash in on.

First and foremost, our spring and fall striped bass runs are phenomenal.  In the spring, striper fishing usually starts in April, with the early bite being red-hot on whole clam baits in our area, and to our north and south.  What follows in May, prior to the bunker run is a light tackle angler’s dream.  As herring, mackerel, rainfish, and the first adult bunker show up, an often wild jig fishery develops off our beaches as the bass re-invade our waters along with hordes of hungry bluefish.  Although the jig fishery in May and early June can be dominated by countless bluefish, quality stripers in the 15-40 pound (and sometimes even bigger) range hammer jigs and spoons with regularity.   If you want to catch a big striper on a jig, May is the month to do it!
Dave Nathanson Charter
Written by Capt. Allen   
Saturday, 21 November 2009 20:44
HStriped Bassad the Dave Nathanson charter aboard today for Dave's son Matt's birthday trip. Along with Dave and Matt were Shane and Brian.

Ran north from the get go and got into a little life up off SRI. Just a couple of shorts, so we went further north and wound up off Asbury/Deal. Great life all around us, only thing was there was zero bird life but the screen lit up like a christmas tree. Got the jigs in - and it was game on - we stayed in this same vicinity all day just working the marks.

Very good action at times with 2-4 fish on, we did have several lulls but had plenty of mixed sized bass and bluefish. Dogfish were entirely too pesky, at times they were incredibly thick and we had trouble keeping them off the jigs no matter how fast we worked them
New Boat News!!!!!!
Written by Capt. Allen   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 09:26

Most of my regular clients and close friends are fully aware that I've been in the boat shopping mode for the last 8 months or so, looking all over the damn place for a suitable replacement and upgrade from my 26' Seaswirl. I luckily stumbled upon this incredibly clean and meticulously maintained Albemarle 305back in late September down in Cape May, and fortunately enough, we were able to get a deal done in the last week closing out the deal this weekend.

...And plenty of other stuff that'll make a crew at home for a day's fishing.  We will now be able to fish a crew of 6 in the cockpit (don't have the exact dimensions just yet on the cockpit) with plenty of seating under the top for inclement weather and more room down in the cabin.

During sea trials last week we got her up to about 29 kts at 3/4 throttle, she cruises nicely at 24-27 kts depending on the load and the conditions.

Most likely we will be bringing her up from Cape May within the next 2 weeks, and she will be wintered at Arnold's in Pt. Pleasant right behind S Jersey Yacht sales. As of right now, we will not be doing any trips on her until April but that COULD change.

Gary Decker Charter
Written by Capt. Allen   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 09:25
Had the Gary Decker charter on board today consisting of Gary and his buddy's Andy and Cap. None of these guys have ever striper fished and obviously none have ever caught a bass so today was the day to bust their cherry's on stripers.

Started out just S and way off, got into some bluefish right off the bat. We then ran back to the north, and did squat, so we then worked our way back to the South and got into a little life here and there along the way down to Mantoloking. We broke out the sticks at that point to troll tube rigs and only picked more bluefish, so we ran a little further S where we got called into a decent bite by the Monger boys. We got into the fish pretty good between Seaside and Lavalette, getting nice shots of fish about a mile off. Nice mix of bass and bluefish. Bass were 24-30", bluefish were 5-14#, quite a bit bigger than yesterday. Not as many dogfish today either. Wound up with about 60 bluefish if not more, and 15 bass of which we had a few (4 to the boat)  boxers to 30". Good day, all of these guys got their first ever bass and had a blast reeling in fish all day long!!
Art Berkman Charter
Written by Capt. Allen   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 09:23
Had Art Berkman, Mike Weitzman, Duffman, and Bob Cameron aboard today for a jig trip. Started out fishing just S of the inlet in tight where small blues and bass had peanut bunker flying out of the water. Throwing soft plastics, we had a few fish, no great shakes. We then moved further south and offshore, and got into a somewhat slow pick of mixed size blues and bass. We'd have a good shot of fish, then it'd shut off. We bounced around for a few hours doing this.

Got a couple of calls about the bluefins offshore, so we put on some butterfly jigs and took a ride. Awesome sight seeing 75-150# bluefins smashing sandeels twenty feet from the boat. We jigged for about 20 minutes, with nothing to show for it but some great visuals.  We then got a few calls of some more action further south with bass and bluefish, so off we went. Again, we had a nice pick of mixed sized blues and bass again as the SW really started cranking. Duffman nailed a beautiful 17# bass on a 7 oz. kroc down there, as well as a few others..

We boated a countless load of blues between 2-12#, and about a dozen bass with just a few going in the box to Duff's 17#er. Most of the bass released were in the 25-27.5" range. We were also infested with a few patches of extremely vicious spiny's who attacked any metal we put down there. Art also nailed a 16" fluke on a tail-less 47. By 2:30 the SW really started getting snappy, so we called it a day. Good day with a great crew!


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