2010 Reports

Reel Class/Point Pleasant - End of Season!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 06 December 2010 05:57
This weekend we brought the boat to its winter home over in Bricktown. The first season with the new boat was extremely successful and we were lucky enough to renew old relationships with many people who have been with us from the beginning, while meeting plenty of great new people as well this season.  The fishing for us was terrific all year - spring bass fishing was the BEST we've ever seen, spring seabass & bottom fishing was terrific, while summer fluke fishing was a little slow.  We also saw some excellent blackfishing this fall and the porgies were as abundant as they have been in 30 years - fall bass fishing was pretty good as well!  Overall, we had a very good season - if you want to scroll through the reports for the entire season (ALL REPORTS ARE ACCURATE - NO FLUFF!), just click on the reports tab and enjoy!

I would just like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who sailed with us this year that made the first season on the new Reel Class as successful as it was!!

Also, I'd like to publically thank Mike and Kenny, my two deckhands, for all their hard work this season - these guys work their tails off every day we're out there and they have been tremendous assets and additions to the boat!!

Check back here throughout the winter for updates - the books are open for the 2011 season and we also have some great early booking deals located on the charter page, as well as our "open boat" packages.

And to all of our friends, old and new - HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Sunday 11/28 Tog
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 29 November 2010 17:07
Sunday 11/28:  Had the Lyndhurst boys on board today - first and foremost a special thanks to them to fill this trip last minute last night as my charter bailed. It's always good to have friends ready to fish at a moment's notice!

Anyway, onto the fishing. Ran a bite east early to look for something to jig - no shakes. Then it was up north to the tog grounds.  Started in 40'. Bite was slow to develop, but we had some flurries of shorts and a keeper here or there. Once that dried up, we went further north and offshore fishing 60-70' depths. Bigger fish, more bites, but the pick would only last 10 or so minutes then it would STOP. We did pull several nice fish out there - dropped a few nice ones too.

Finished up inshore on a couple of spots in 30-45' and had just a few bites. In there, the fishing was extremely SLOW. Only a bite here and a bite there, very few fish just a few shorts and a couple more keepers. Stayed late hoping the afternoon bite would happen - that never materialized for us.  Wound up with around 40 tog, and a dozen keepers to 4-5#. I got to fish a good portion of the day and wound up with 5 nice keepers. Overall fishing was a slow pick; no great shakes by any standard but it was nice to come home with a little meat for the table for a great crew!!

Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant Weekend of 11/21 Wrap-Up Bass-Bluefish-Tog
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 18:55
All Weekend Reports:
Sunday:  Had the Sal Guarino charter on board today consisting of Sal, Jason, Alex, Mike, and Joey. The guys wanted to tog all day and finish up looking for some fish to jig.  Ran north, pounding our way up the beach with that stiff NNE wind. Seas were nice till we got up past Long Branch then they started getting a little steep with the wind against tide. Whatever the case, we set up on some rough stuff off Monmouth Beach and got a slow pick of mostly shorts with a few keepers mixed in. Lots of bergall bites as well.

By 10 the seas laid down nice, but we were tired of playing with the small fish so we made a few drops in deeper water (45-50') out to the east and on the SH reef - just more shorts with 1 or 2 more keepers mixed in. By 11 I decided to try even deeper, so we moved out to some rough stuff in 60-70' and got a slow pick going with bigger tog. These were mostly keeper fish, and we had a couple in the 4-6# class boated as well as a real nice ling by Alex. These fish would bite real scratchy - we would get a nice flurry going then it'd just shut off, so we made a few wiggles and got a couple more.

By 2:30 the guys had enough of toggin' so we headed south looking for some jiggable fish. We finally found some life after running 10+ miles back towards our inlet and had some crazy readings right on the bottom - nothing but a mess of big gators and a few dogfish - no bass!

Called it a day at 4. We wound up boating ~40 tog, with only 18 of them being legal. Had a few nice ones in the box, topped by a pair of nice 5-6#ers taken by Jason and Sal respectively, as well as 1 ling and a mess of bluefish. A solid day but the fishing can be best described as just a pick.

11/21:  Had the Jim Hart charter onboard today consisting of Jim, Bruce and his son Brandon, and their buddy Joe - Joey A filled in the last spot as Jim had an angler drop out last night.

Ran south to where we caught them yesterday. A close tight chop from the south with an occasional close 3-4' swell made it a little lumpy going south. First drop on some great marks yielded an almost instand just under 28" bass, followed by a couple of doggies. Ran around the same area we caught yesterday, and found loads of great readings, but nothing biting outside of dogfish and the occasional bluefish.

Decided to run back north, and joined the fleet that was working a wide area from Lavalette up to Mantoloking about 1.5 miles off. No birds, but more great readings, only thing was these fish were biting. Mostly bluefish, but an occasional bass to spice up the action. If you left the jigs on the bottom, it was spiny city. Every drift we picked several bluefish, and had a couple real good shots at bass.

Once the wind started SCREAMING from the west we had a hard time working the area, but still continued to pick. By around 2 we ran in on the beach for a look - found nothing. We did find some birds working right outside our inlet - more jumbo bluefish.

Overall we had a slow but steady pick all day long, with the slowest action early in the morning. We wound up with ~40-50 bluefish, as well as 7 keeper bass to 15#; we also had a handful of short bass, and a LOAD of spiny dogfish. Joey also jigged up a 13" tog on a 67! Great crew today, Joey is always a pleasure on the boat and he was ON FIRE today w/ the bass; Brandon also nailed a nice keeper at the end of the day. Thanks for coming down today guys!!
11/20:  Had the Steve Hamby charter on with Steve, Ray, Gus, Bob, and Roger.  Ran south, lots of bunker in close off Bay Head/Mantoloking with about 75 boats zipping through them like it was Mid-May.  We then ran offshore, saw some bluefin porpoising on sandeels, then started to run south where they got them yesterday. On the way more bluefins were spotted, well within the 3 mile line, crashing and blowing up on sandeels - great site!

Got down and fished the stretch from the piers to IBSP and had a good amount of bird life with some excellent readings. Had fish on right away, mostly blues to start, but got the bass going after a little bit. Most of the bass were keepers, and the were just a tad under 28".

Mid-Morning, Steve nailed a beautiful 43" that was around 25#. By noontime the 5 man charter had boxed up their limit of 10 stripers, as well as a boat load of blues. Running north to do some toggin', a load of birds were spotted and this time, the guys got covered up with some real gator blues to almost 15# - at times there were 4-5 fish on.

Finished the up the day doing some toggin' on a rockpile - the bite was very slow but we managed about a half dozen to 6#.
All in all an excellent day - the crew boated around 20 stripers, keeping the 5 man limit of 10, and around 75 bluefish as well as the tog. Also, several spiny dogfish were boated. These guys are a great crew and its always a blast having them on the boat!!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Update 11/14
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 15 November 2010 05:26
After a week of horrible weather with daily NNE winds and big seas, and a couple more cancelled trips, we finally got back out Sunday.  Report is below:
11/14:  Had Steve Berlamino and Scott Mitchell charter the boat with two of their buddies - they had 2 guys drop out so Doc and Gary D filled the 2 remaining spots.

We didn't break Manasquan Inlet until after 8AM and ran to some bird life to the southeast. Nothing was organized, so I got a call that there was some life up north so we shot up there. Got the jigs in and had an OK pick of mixed size bluefish and some bass when we got there on some good reads.Bounced around a little, working the area just off SRI, and continued to pick - bluefish in bunches with a bass or two in the mix. It stayed that way until noon time, when it completely stopped. Got a call of some bird life back down south, so we got there and found loads of birds, and some fish on top slurping on sandeels - all bluefish.

Wound up doing OK - a load of bluefish and 5 bass to ~ 32" for the day as well as a nice keeper seabass. We had some real GATOR blues, one I decked, had to be a honest 18#, had a whole (chopped up) silver eel in the stomach. We had some camera issues and couldn't get that pic, except for the cooler shot at the end. Despite the late start, and running all over the ocean to put a catch together, we had a decent day!
(Pics in the gallery for this one)
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 11/4-11/7 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 08 November 2010 05:53

Crappy weather sums this long weekend up...  I was off for teacher's convention, had charters Thursday-Sunday, and only got Saturday in...  Thursday was a mini-noreaster, Friday a big heave, Saturday was only OK, Sunday turned out to be a crappy NNE breeze all day creating a nasty ocean yet again... It's supposed to blow NNE ALL WEEK LONG...  Here's the report for Saturday:

11/6:  Had Gary Decker's & Doc Sokol's combined charter today - the 2 groups combined for today's trip after Doc's trip was cancelled earlier this week due to weather and Gary's group had a couple of guys drop out. We broke the inlet just after 7 and found a big mean heave out of the SE and incredibly dirty water. Nevertheless we pushed offshore and a bit south. Found some gannets flying over an area, and dropped the jigs in - nada. Continued the same pattern until I decided to try in on the beach a little south. We pretty much set up in the surfline with the bow to the heave and cast artificials into where the surf guys have been pulling bass - another donut.

Ran all the way down to IBSP, trying in close, out in the deep, on structure - still a donut. By noon time the N breeze turned a little NNE, increased to 15-20, and made the chop big and tight in the 4-6' range.  At this point we decided to bite the bullet and put the trolling gear out, pulling a shad rig and a tube rig. No more then 10 minutes into our troll, we had a fish on and Lenny decked a nice 30" bass - his first ever! (pictured below) Continued back north, and had one more knockdown, this time Gary getting the rod and getting another ~30" striper to the boat.  We continued north, got no more bites. Called it a day ~245, the inlet wasn't terrible for us but for some boats going in before us they had a tough time.

Very slow day for a great group of guys, only 2 bass and NOTHING else - they toughed it out all day long and were a blast to have on the boat as always!!  (Pics are in the gallery)
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Halloween Weekend Report - GREAT Fishing!! (Tog - Bass - Blues)
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 31 October 2010 17:37

Sunday 10/31:  Open boat trip today with Bill P, Ryan, Zeb, John, and Joey A. Started out right outside with some birds working - nothin'.. Went offshore a bit where we had them yesterday - more nothin'...

Ran further south, finally got into some bird life between the T-Bird and seaside... Immediately got into some bluefish - as the wind swung west, the birds started coming up - EVERYWHERE. We had birds with fish under them to the south of us, to the north, and to the east - they were as far as the eye could see. Mostly bluefish slirping down the rainfish, but we did have bass mixed in. The action was WILD at times, where we had all 5 guys hooked up, banging into each other, weaving around rods - it was nuts!!! Reads at times were TOP TO BOTTOM.

I was lucky enough to nail a beautiful 9.6# bonito as well on a 5 oz jersey jay kroc just as the bite got going. Then We had a few good cracks at the bass - but they seemed to disappear after 10 AM. Bluefish were everywhere - big, mean and hungry! The blues were in the 7-14# range, Bill got one that looked an honest 15#!!! We blew up a few diamond jigs, straightened a few hooks, including 2 trebles!!! I also nailed a nice 32" bass on a popper in the middle of the wild surface action. Ryan also had a load of blues on topwater.

We ran around this area until around noon when it just got too snotty, and looked inshore for some life, but we found nothing. We called it a day around 2 with 7 keeper bass in the box, most were in the 29-31" range, and the 1 bonito. We also released upwards of 75 bluefish. This was one of the best days of fall jig fishing we've had in a few years - it was wild!!

Saturday 10/30:  Had the Jim Fells charter aboard today, consisting of Jim, his brother Corey, and "Shades," Chris, Ralph and Kenny.  Started out down south jigging on some birds and marks, with some fish busting right on top with the sandeels - only had a few jumbo bluefish to show for our efforts. Got a bit further south, and again only got more bluefish. Ran S towards seaside, again more bluefish, then back to the north -- more bluefish!

Got a call around 11:15 that there were a few bass being caught up near our inlet, so off we went. Once we got there we found a lot of birds working over a large area again on sandeels and some other unidentified bait, and we got into a real good bite of bluefish again - but finally we were able to get a good shot of bass; first fish was 28" by ralph, the other 2 were nice 15# twins taken by Jimmy and Kenny, and we had a 4th right at the net when the hook pulled.

By 1:30 the jigging action dried up, so we made a drop on our local reef targeting tog. First drop was slowish with short tog, some seabass, and a copule of porgies coming in the boat. We made a wiggle, and got a decent bite going with all blackfish and a few seabass which would've been "Monday keepers" topped by a 2# taken by Ralph. Most of the tog we pulled were just under 14", but we were able to squeak out 6 keepers; Jimmy got one about 4# and Chris got one in the 6# class.

Very good day action wise, we wound up with a load of blues, the 3 bass, and the tog as well as a couple of porgies and the seabass which are swimming safely till Monday. Jimmy and crew were great as always - thanks for coming down guys!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 10/23-10/24 Wrap-Up
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 25 October 2010 05:13
10/24:  Had the Harry Sellinger charter on board consisting of Harry and his buddies Jose and Gary.  Ran a little south to start off, and had some bluefish, birds, and fluke on the jigs first thing. Harry nailed a beautiful 21" fluke that went right back in. We got into a little better bluefish bite a bit further south, then went into search mode looking between Mantoloking and Seaside; only found a few more bluefish. Got a call there was a bite going on nearly 20 miles to our north, so off we went to try to cash in.

When we got there we found a good sized fleet, a few birds working - we just missed the bite. We only picked up a handful of bluefish, as well as a few seabass on the jigs. Again we read loads of fish, they just didn't have the feedbags on. Went up on the troll for the last hour and picked a few more gators on red tubes.

Very tough day for us - we had a bunch of blues in the 7-10# range, but no bass. Harry and his boys were a great crew - they fished hard all day and had a blast with the blues they caught. We covered a lot of ocean today to put some fish in the box; it just didn't happen for us!
10/23:  Had the Chuck "Chuckles" Koncen charter aboard, consisting of Chuck, Jim, Charlie, Andrew, and Darryl.  Initially ran north and got as far as SRI about 2 miles off - some readings and some birds looking around, we only jigged up a few fluke and sea robins. Got a call from my buddy Keith from Anticipation that he was into some fish down south, so off we went.

When we got there we had birds working and some of the best looking fish marks I've seen all season long - we got the jigs in and it was insta-gator fishing. We ran all over the area, working from IBSP to Lavalette, on birds and marks, and caught nothing but demons. We read a helluva lot more than we caught!

By 11 that dried up, so we worked back north. Found a few more patches of bluefish and had one shot at what I think was albies - no shakes on the speedsters. Again we ran in on the beach, back off, just looking but finding nothing but the occasional bluefish.

At 1PM the charter elected to switch over to bottom fishing. We made a drop on a rockpile on our local reef and had some good action with tog, porgies, and seabass as well as a load of bergalls. For the hour we did it, we had about 10 tog, 4 keepers, about a half dozen porgies and a dozen seabass all returned for the 11/1 re-opener. Too many bergall bites - some of the bergalls were upwards of 10"!

Tough day, but we still caught fish... we ran all over trying to get these guys a bass, but it just wasn't our day -- we wound up with a load of blues, kept 8 for the table, as well as the tog and porgies. Chuck and his crew were great - they are tug boat guys from the city and were a blast to have on the boat
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 10/17 Bass-Blues & Bottom
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 18 October 2010 05:30
Open boat trip today with Jeremiah, Bruce, Mike A, Steve B, Evan, and Brian Buddha Sticks M aboard.  Ran north to start, found some birds working on some marks just N of the inlet - wound up being small blues and a few weakfish, got one 15" keeper weakie there. Continued north, and got into some more bird life N of SRI about 2 miles off, turned out to be some big bluefish as well as some sea robins.

Continued up, got up to the rocks, and found a parking lot. Very little life as well, just a couple of bluefish. We then ran inshore, found some marks, dropped the jigs in, and started catching some dinner plate sized porgies on the 27's and 47's; Mike even got one on a butterfly!! Since we were catching the porgies, the guys wanted to put some in the cooler so we tried inshore where we hammered them Monday; only a few bites on the first drop, but steady fishing on the second but the fish were smaller than the ones out in the deep, so we went back out there, dropped the hook on the readings, and had some pretty ridiculous porgy fishing for about 45 minutes with some jumbo slabs in the 2-3# range coming up - even a few double headers. We filled a little more than half the cooler in no time.

Got a call there was a jig bite back near our inlet, so we picked up the hook and flew down there. What we found was a slowish pick of BIG bluefish, but Brian was able to nail his first albie ever @ 10# on his super light buddha spinner. Jeremiah was finally able to nail a beautiful 25#/43" bass on a 47 w/ a red tail, but that was it for us with the bass.

Good day overall, lots of action. Besides the porgies, bluefish, albies, bass, and weakfish, we jigged up 2 fluke and about a half dozen seabass (which all would've been keepers if it were opened). At the end of the day we had ~75 porgies in the box, the 1 bass, and a few bluefish we kept for the table as well as the 1 keeper weakfish. Again, good day action wise - hopefully the bassin' picks up this week!!!

On a sidenote, I gotta give a shoutout to my deckhand Michael who gutted it out all day today after taking 5 stitches in his thumb Saturday afternoon while chasing stripers in bergen county - "Who needs gloves?!?!?"
10/11 Point Pleasant/Reel Class Update!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 11 October 2010 18:52

10/11:  Jim Mulvey chartered the boat today with his buddies Jack, Chris, Rich, and Mark and the charter was filled by Tom "Lefteye" K. Jim's goal was to catch as many species of desirable fish as we could in the day.

Left the dock around 7 - the crew opted to bypass the possibility of an early morning striper bite (and we didn't want to take a bass into the EEZ!) up north so we shot out to the deep to hit a wreck in 220' for cod and ling. Jim dropped down a jig as we were setting up - and banged a nice 7# cod on the first pass. Once we got the anchor in, we worked the wreck over. Slow pick of ling, and a few more cod came up - 3 of which were on the jig and I took one on a whole clam.

After that, our next move was to look for some bluefin and/or mahi around the pots. We threw some bait at a few pots, threw the jigs - but came up completely empty as we only saw a few small jacks or pilot fish follow the jigs/bait. The water was that sick green color, as we didn't really see much life out there.. We then made a quick stop as we moved inshore for seabass, and picked away at a few in about 90'. We then switched over to jigs, and worked an area about a mile off where we spotted some birds and had good marks, but we came up empty. Did get a nice big gator though..

We got inshore around noon time, and we had a few more species to target/catch - so our Next move was to work back north to target porgies and tog. First few drops were a slow pick of porgies with the occasional seabass and lots of bergalls. Jim finally nailed a nice 4# tog on a rockpile. We then shifted inshore, and got into a very steady pick, at times drop and reel kinda fishing with the scup. We boated a load of them, only keeping the bigger ones. No more tog for us though. Current was ripping - that could've had something to do with the lack of tog bites.

Our last drop was further south, as we put the jigs back on and found the motherlode of weakfish - great readings, some almost top to bottom, and in 45 minutes we easily boated 50+, only 3 went in the box though. Most of them were in that 10-12" range.

Overall, we had a terrific day. For the day, we definitely accomplished Jim's goal - we boated cod, ling, bluefish, weakfish, (1) blowfish, seabass, tog, porgies, and fluke. At the end of the day, we had 4 keeper cod, 3 keeper weakfish, 1 keeper tog, ~50 porgies, and about a half dozen seabass & ling, and 1 gorilla blue in the box. I wish we could've topped the box off with a bass, but we unfortunately came up empty with that. Great crew - fantastic day on the water, ya just can't beat it!!!

10/10: Had Tim Segada charter the boat today with his buddies Chris and Jim, and their kids Max, Ben, and Molly. The game plan was to find something to jig, then take the kids up north to do some porgy fishing. We broke the inlet at 7 and found a little sloppy confused ocean, but found some birds and bait not too far away, but couldn't connect. Worked our way north, and jigged on some reads and picked at weakfish and some small blues.

At around 10 AM we went up a little further and switched over to porgy fishing. Hard current got us set up nice on the pieces, and at first we had a slowish pick of mixed sized porgies, and a few seabass. A quick move got us into a nice pick, but that tailed off once the SW breeze started blowing. A few more moves, slow fishing, then we moved a bit further south and got into a real good bite of nice sized scup - several double headers and some real nice fish topped by a couple in the 2# range. Also had some nice seabass.

Called it a day just before 2 - easily boated ~75 porgies, only keeping the no-doubters which put around 50 in the box; we also had about a half dozen keeper seabass. No keeper tog today.  Very good day - the kids had a BLAST and caught fish most of the day. Terrific crew, we will be seeing them again next year! Thanks for coming down guys!

10/9:  Open boat trip today with Duffman, Mike, Socks, Barry, Sal, and Evan. We initially made a few attempts at jigging some bluefish while we worked our way south, but the bluefish were moving real fast and we simply couldn't keep up with them.  We then made several drops on some rockpiles to the S of our inlet. Some held fish, some others didn't. Mostly mixed size seabass, but some drops were loaded with short and a handful of keeper tog. We continued working our way south, where we found a little better bite with seabass and some real nice porgies.

At around 1 I got a call about some fish on top in on the beach, so we gave it a look - more gators however we did hear of a few albies in there as well.We went back to bottom fishing to finish up the day, and picked a few more porgies and seabass.

Made about 15 drops for the day - wound up with ~30-40 fish in the box; an even mix of porgies and seabass as well as 3 nice keeper tog. At best we had a very slow pick all day, but we did come home w/ some fish
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Sunday 9/19 Bluefish & Speedster Report
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 19 September 2010 18:09
Today we had Sam, Chris Crabcake, Ed, Evan, and Zeb aboardfor a bluefish & speedster trip. We broke the inlet around 7 and found a beautiful, flat calm ocean as we headed east to where we had them yesterday; only a long period, gentle ground swell was what we had- a far cry from yesterday's ride out in the slop.

We got set up on the hook and got the chum in the water by 8AM. We had a couple of guys with jigs, another guy throwing a tsunami, and chunks and spearing floating in the slick. We had our first fish on about 5 minutes into the trip, a big bluefish taken by Chris on a jig. We then started to pick away at the gators, mostly 10-14# on both bait and jigs. We would have some flurries of 2-4 on at a time, then a lull, then another period of time where we would get covered up. All the while we were throwing spearing looking for all those albies we had yesterday, to no avail as we didn't have any sign of an albie before noon - but again the bluefish were voracious.

At noon we made a move a little further offshore and found a little cleaner and warmer water, and some great marks - but again we started catching the gators. We had some wild periods where we would have every rod hooked up, either on bait or jigs.

Finally, in the last 15 or so minutes, Chris hooked an albie and got it up near the boat, only to have it spit the hook 10' from the boat!

Overall, it was another terrific day. Sam fished a trout rod all day long and had a blast with the big bluefish, and Chris jigged up an honest 30 bluefish on his noodle rod - while Ed, Zeb, and Evan put their share in the boat. We easily boated 60 bluefish (keeping a dozen), if not more, and broke or popped off at least that many as well. No variety today, just bluefish where yesterday it was mostly albies. Thanks for coming down today guys!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Saturday 9/18 Bluefish & Albies!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 18 September 2010 20:30
We had Derial Sanders charter the boat today - along with Derial were his brother John and Derial's grandson Trevor. Steve "Socks" filled in a spot for the trip as well.

Ran off to the east first thing in a sloppy 4' chop coupled with the swell, but got up on the hook and started getting some chum in the water - conditions sort of sucked as the chum was running right up to the bow, but we made due. In the first 5 minutes, Steve hooked something that nearly spooled him twice, took him around the boat, and seemed a bit bigger than an albie or skippie - we had it around 20' away and saw color but the fish came unbuttoned. My only guess was that it was a football bluefin. It took a few minutes after that to get a bite going, but we had some real gator bluefish right in the slick and we started to pick away at them on both jigs and bait for a little while.

After that slowed down, we made a move around 11AM to look for some albies, and with a little wiggle, we got set up on some good reads and again got the hook in and started throwing over some spearing. It only took about 10 minutes - we first had a few bluefish, but the albies took over! Great action as we broke out the light spinning rods, the fish were right in the slick, dashing through as well as up on top. We mostly had 1-2 on for the rest of the day, and we had a real nice flurry right at the end where we were virtually hand feeding them right behind the boat!  All albies took spearing or tsunami soft plastics.

Great trip -- we boated easily 20 albies, if not a few more, and lost easily that many. We also boated a bunch of bluefish (didn't count!) and busted off quite a few of the big demons as well (10-14#ers). Derial and the guys were great, and they again took part on another memorable trip!! Thanks for coming down guys!!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Tog-Seabass-Porgies Saturday 9/11
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 14:21
Had Bill P and Ryan H aboard with Michael and I for our special half-day trip. Headed north again and made a drop a little south of where we caught the tog yesterday - had no life whatsoever and zero bites, so we headed up to where we had the action yesterday.

Once we got there and got the boat positioned, it took a few minutes but the bites started coming at a steady pace again. It seemed some of blackfish were smaller today, but we still had a healthy mix of quality fish coming in the boat. Again, a lot of 16-19" fish, with a couple of 4-6#ers coming in topped by Bill's best fish of the day which was around 6#/21". I was lucky enough to literally catch a piece of real estate! (see the pics below)

The 4 of us blew threw 7 dozen green crabs, boating ~50 tog, with at least half being over 14", if not more than that. As we were running out, the bite again got real good and we had a few nice fish right at the end. We kept our 4 which were all around 18".

Once we ran out of crabs, we put hi-lo's on and fished for porgies and seabass for about 40 minutes, putting 10 nice porgies in the box (only a few jumbos today) and 5 chunky seabass, while catching some short seabass and porgies as well. Ryan also boated another out of season fluke.

Another good trip with lots of bites and lots of action. Bill was on fire, easily boating 20 tog himself - the guy couldn't keep his bait on the bottom without getting slammed!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 9/10 Tog-Porgies-Seabass -- Real Good Day!!!
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Friday, 10 September 2010 18:34
Open boat trip today with Limestone Larry, Bill the 5th, Brian A, Jeff "Grateful Dad", his son Andrew, and Bud. With the strong NW winds I decided our best bet was to run up the beach and fish the hard stuff between Elberon and the Hook since we would be a little bit more on the inside up there than we would be closer to home.

First few drops were on some rubble and we picked at some jumbo porgies and short seabass. We even had a gold finch land right on Andrew's shoulder - the little guy hung out w/ us for a while and then took off. Bill, our resident bird watcher, ID'd the little guy.

After slowly picking away, we made a move south to fish some more rocks, and got into a steady pick of jumbo porgies as well as a few seabass. I decided to drop a crab in, and quickly put a keeper tog in the boat -- A few of the guys then decided to drop some crabs in, and were immediately rewarded with keeper tog. For about an hour, we had a very good pick of mostly keeper tog coming over the rails - I fished for about 35 minutes and put 8 over 14" in the boat. We were able to cull the tog out of the livewell, one after another, keeping our boat limit of 8. We easily boated 30 keepers until we ran out of crabs -- most of the tog were 16-20", and we had very few shorts.

Jeff and Bud stuck with the porgies, and continued to catch well while the tog bit. Once that bite dropped off, we made a few more drops further south and put a few nice seabass in the box.

We called it a day just after 2 with ~60 keeper porgies in the box, (maybe half were "jumbos") topped by a couple of 3#ers; We also boated ~30 keeper tog, keeping only our boat limit of 8 fish topped by a nice 5#er which I think was taken by Bill, and we also had 6 keeper seabass to 2#. A couple of out of season keeper fluke were also released, and Bud caught a 12# gator blue on a hi-lo rig.

This was another terrific day of bottom fishing - Andrew even got to catch his first ever blackfish (I think he wound up with 4) - Congrats man!! ... A lot of laughs, ball-busting, and some good eats (pickled eggs and smoked tuna were great Jeff!!) made it even better! Thanks for coming down guys!!
8/31 Update - Bottom Fishing Grand Slam!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 19:45
This was our last scheduled FTYP of the summer. Had to Tom K, Socks, John, and Chris aboard with Michael and I. After talking over our options with the guys yesterday morning, we as an entire crew opted to do a mixed bag bottom trip fishing both inshore and offshore while possibly mixing in some fluking if things didn't work out.

So, off we went around 7 and shot north in slick calm seas. We set up on some rough stuff in 52' of water north of the rocks, initially targeting porgies, seabass, and tog on the hook. On and around the rubble, the scup were thick as fleas, and as soon as we got baits down to the bottom we started bailing porgies in the 10-14" range. We also picked some seabass with them, a keeper and short tog, and a thick 18" fluke.

We stayed on this piece with lock and load action until 10:30 when the boys had had enough. By that time the 125 qt coole was 1/2 full of porgies, as well as the other stuff, so we opted to run back south and make a couple of drops targeting tog. The water was yoo-hoo colored, but we got some quick bites and landed a couple of nice tog, including Steve's nice 5#er which he silently swung into the boat lol -- Had a few more shorts, but by noon time we wanted to change gears again.

With slick calm seas, the NW wind dropping out, it was a perfect day to hit a wreck out in the deep for ling and cod - so I gave the guys the option to switch over to fluking or to go offshore to target the deep water stuff, and unanimously they decided to make the move offshore. 12 miles later, in 200'+ of water, we were on the wreck - we initially anchored on the spot but with no wind and little current to speak of, we were swinging all over the place, but picking away slowly at ling of mixed sizes. After a couple of unsuccessful wiggles, we decided to drift the wreck - this proved to be a terrific move as every pass we would land 3-6 jumbo ling, topped by a 5#er by Steve, as well as a beautiful 24" keeper cod by Chris. We did this until we topped off the cooler, and headed home at 330 with a box full of fish.

When we got back to the dock we had a total of 163 fish in the box; 3 keeper tog, 6 seabass, 1 fluke, 1 cod, and a 50/50 mix of porgies and ling. This was a GREAT day of bottom fishing, lots of meat for the guys!!! Today was the perfect example of everything going right, from start to finish - wish we had more days like this but this kind of day keeps you coming back for more whenever we have a tough day. Great crew - lots of laughs and ball busting; a near perfect day!! Thanks again guys!!!!
Sunday 8/29 Half Day Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 15:50

Had the Bob Schmitt charter aboard today for a 1/2 day seabass/bottom trip.  The group consisted of Bob, his sons Billy and Nick, as well as Ken and Charlie.

 Started out on some snags where we caught them on Friday, and had an OK pick, picking a few nice keepers.  We then ran south about 8 miles to fish a few rockpiles and found a lot less seabass, but some real quality!!  Most drops in a 2 mile radius would give up about a half dozen to a dozen keepers.  We then ran off the beach to a wreck about 8 miles away, and picked a couple more, then returned to the rocks in close and picked a few more.  By 1PM the action really dropped off as we lost the current.

We caught fish both on the anchor and on the drift today.   Nick was on fire - he nailed the second biggest seabass of the year on the boat at just over a whopping 5# (on a certified scale!) which was just over 22" in length -- he also followed this humpback with a couple of fish in the 2.5-3# Range.  Charlie also put a few nicer ones in the box.  When all was said and done the guys boxed somewhere between 30-35 keeper seabass in their 5 hour trip, as well as about 50 or so shorts.  We also boated a coujple of short fluke.  This was a terrific trip with a great group of guys!!

(Pics are in the gallery!)
Friday 8/27 Fluke & Bottom
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 15:17

Had a FTYP trip today with George, Duffman Dan, Bob S, Jim, and Joe aboard.

With the news of a crappy bite up north we decided to at least start out locally and fish around a couple of snags in some cleaner water where some fish bit before the blow.  We were able to just pull shorts out of these areas.  We then made the run all the way up north to fish the rough stuff and got into some better action before the current really got ripping.  Some keeper seabass, as well as a mix of short and keeper fluke came out of this area.  We then went a bit further off, and fished a couple of hills/rough spots and picked a few more - but by 1PM the current was roaring and we couldn't hold with 12 + oz. of lead!

The guys didn't want to have any part of pulling 16 oz. so we switched over to seabass.  We then anchored up on a couple of rough spots nearby, and pulled some short seabass out.  We then ran offshore and tried a few rough spots on the edge of the mud hole for ling/cod and seabass, and pulled a few short seabass out as well as a couple of short fluke.

Our last drop of the day was close to home about 6 miles NE of our inlet.  Read a ton of life on this rockpile and immediately anchored up.  We had lock and load seabass fishing for about 20 minutes before we swung off; we then picked up the hook and started drifting on the piece and continued to pound away.  This last drop saved the day!!

For the day we wound up boating around 75 seabass, with around 25 going in the box (I didn't get an exact count from Mike), 30ish fluke with 3 going in the box, as well as a couple of short tog.  Overall a good day - nice action to finish it up!

Monday 8/23 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 23 August 2010 13:59

Sunday 8/22:  Had Ed, Jim, Pat Sr and Pat Jr, and Darren aboard for a FTYP trip today. Forecast was iffy, but it looked like we could get the day in as NOAA called for SE 10-15 all day.

Ran up north. First drift, we had immediate action as we boated a bunch of shorts as well as a nice keeper. Second drift, same result. Third drift, the life started to dwindle, and so it went for the rest of the day. Moved all over, picked a couple, but that was it. By 11 the SSE started cranking, but we kept at it. The bite came to a creeping halt by noon time - no more bites, a super fast drift and absolutely nothing in the boat.

We moved down off Long Branch, and picked a couple more fish as well as a couple of seabass, but things really started shutting off. By 120PM, the sky started to darken, winds were really screaming, and a big nasty storm was headed our way so we made the call to head for the barn.

The ride back was pretty interesting as we saw blinding rain, blinding spray from the wind, and building seas. S of Shark River we had solid 6'ers +. I buried the bow about 10 times, and cavetated a few also. We broke the inlet safely at 230. Obviously, NOAA got this one COMPLETELY wrong.

We wound up boating around 30 fluke, about 2/3 of them were caught on the first 2 drifts. Out of the 30, 4 were keepers over 18" with the biggest going around 20". We also had I think 4 keeper seabass.

Very tough day, conditions flat-out sucked and it now doesn't look like we're getting out until the latter portion of the week. This crew was fantastic, even though they got banged up!!! Thanks for coming guys and sticking it out!

Monday 8/23:  Weathered out again.
Saturday 8/21 Update - Fluking FINALLY Good!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 21 August 2010 15:58

Friday 8/20:  Had a FTYP marathon trip today with NJ Bob, Art B, Cool Hand Al, Tom K, and Jeremiah. Ran up north.Found some real clean water, and the first few drifts were just short seabass. A little move further north got is in on the fish, and we worked this area all day long. We would pick anywhere from 1-3 keepers per drift along with loads of shorts, as well as a few seabass.

We had a lull around mid-day when the NW dropped out and we were just spinning around in circles. Once we got that little wind from the E and SE, we had a couple of good drifts where we picked a few more keepers.

Called it a day at 4 and left them biting. We easily boated over 100 fluke, with 27 nice keepers going in the box. Tom led the way with 5 keepers and the big fish which was just under 6#. We also wound up with 13 nice chunky seabass - biggest one was about 2.5#. All fish were taken on bucktail + teaser combos.

Finally, a good day where we had a box full of fluke!! This was a great crew, and yep, NJ Bob's yearly magic of producing the best day of the fluke season on Reel Class continues - out of 7 seasons he's been on for 5 of the season's best trips!! He's our good luck charm of the fluke season!

Saturday 8/21:  Had Gary Decker charter the boat with his dad, buddies Cap, Tino, James, and Andy. Today also happened to be Gary's birthday!

The plan was to mix it up; try to jig some blues first thing, do some fluking, then switch over to seabass. Upon leaving the inlet we had some birds working on some awesome marks, so we put the jigs in but found no takers whatsoever.

We then fished some snags and hills to the S and E for fluke. We had a very good bite going first thing with loads of shorts, 3-5 on at a time, with some nicer ones mixed in. That bite pretty much dried up though by 1030 AM so we switched over to seabassin'. We made a few drops on some snags and caught loads of shorts, with some nice keepers mixed in as well as a few blackfish, with one of those going in the box @ 15".

We ran all over, and pieced a catch together. We called it a day at 230 with around 20 seabass in the box, a couple of fluke, and a keeper tog. The guys were a blast as usual and we will be seeing them in the fall for a bass trip.

Thursday 8/19:  Had Ray Linfante charter the boat for his yearly fluke/seabass trip. This year we ran a half day trip and Ray had his brother in law Anthony along with pals Mike and Carmine.

We spent the first 2 hours of the day fluke fishing locally on some snags, hills, and rocks and picked away at a load of shorts, along with a few keepers to 23" taken by Anthony. We probably had at least a dozen fish JUST UNDER 18" make it to the boat.

The second and final 2.5 hours were spent seabass fishing on the anchor. We had a lot of current out of the N so we couldn't drift. We wound up making 3 drops and every one of them was LOADED with seabass - we had a ratio of roughly 5:1 throwbacks to keepers though but the guys boated quite a few nice ones at every drop. One drop also had a good amount of tog on it as we pulled an even dozen off - most were right around 14" while only 1 made it to the box that was over 14".

By 1PM the guys had enough and we called it a day. We wound up boating easily over 100 seabass, with 20-25 going in the box (didn't get an exact count) to around 2.5#, 1 keeper tog, and a few nice fluke to 23". A very good, quick half day trip for a great group of guys who are always a blast to fish with!!
Mid-Week Update 8/18
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 18:11

Weds 8/18:  Had Brian and Mike aboard today for a mixed bag trip - plan was to start with fluking then hit some snags for seabass/porgies. Got off to a very late start as we didn't break the inlet until after 8, and we had a limited time to fish b/c the boys had to be back to LBI by 5PM.

Ran north at 27kts to get at least give us a fighting chance at getting some fish, and we got up there in about 40 minutes. Had some life on the fluke as soon as we stopped the boat, but they were all short. A few shifts and we got into a couple of keepers, and some nice seabass. We re-drifted this area about a half dozen times, with the last couple of times being nothing but shorts but we did pull a few nice ones out to 4#.

When the S wind started up we went inshore to hit some snags and found some nice seabass, but no scup for us even though we read them well. Lots of bergall life everywhere we went also.

We finished the day by fluking again on a rockpile of long branch, but found no bites as we had completely lost the drift -- headed for home early at 3. We wound up with 6 in the box up to 4#, and had some real quality seabass in the mix as well.

Tough day... Its been an ongoing theme this year but it is what it is - we will keep plugging away!

Monday 8/16:  Weathered out!
Weekend Report (8/14-8/15)
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 16 August 2010 07:24

Saturday 8/14:  We originally had a charter for seabass/fluke scheduled for today, but the group decided to re-schedule for this fall to target seabass. With the day open, I opened up the day for a river trip and was lucky enough to get 2 groups of dads/sons on the boat for a 7-2 light tackle fluke trip. Doc and his son Jason, and Dave M with his son Nate and grandpa were aboard.

We fished pretty much from Clark's to the inlet, and all the nooks and crannies along the way and banged out a total of 89 fluke, all short (biggest 17.25"), along with a whopper stargazer and a few birds.

Nate is 7 years old, but the young man is one heck of an angler as he boated around 10 fluke today, most of them all by himself! Great morning with great weather, and some great light tackle action!

Sunday 8/15:  Cancelled due to weather/seas.
Friday 8/13 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 13 August 2010 07:07

Friday 8/13:  Trip cancelled -- Noreaster!

Thursday 8/12:   Had John Hrichak charter the boat today to put some meat in the cooler. We left the inlet at 715 and headed south to fish some snags that were productive on Tuesday. With an easterly wind and 2-3' seas early we couldn't drift, so we had to sit on the anchor all day.

First drop was where we did well on Tuesday. Today we found a LOAD of short seabass as well as a few tog to 14" on this piece. We were able to pick a few keepers out of it through what seemed like a zillion shorts.

We then made a few wiggles, picked a few more keepers, and loads of shorts again. For the rest of the day, we made about 8 more drops, each produced a few keepers, amidst even more short seabass. One of the drops, we pulled another August cod in 62' of water which was 20".

For the final drop we finished up where we started, and had our best pick of the day with many more shorts but a solid 20 keepers coming out to 3#. John and his buddy Zach each pulled beautiful 3# fish out and Keith nailed a nice 2.5#er there.

For the day, we easily boated 200+ seabass, boxing around 40 keepers, as well as 6 tog to 14", and 1 codfish @ 20". The guys had a blast, and even with a couple of guys feeling it from the building 3-5'ers, everyone caught fish. Zach kept Mike and I, as well as the rest of the crew rolling all day as the dude can certainly have a great stand-up act! Thanks guys!!!

(Rest of the pics are in the gallery!)
Mid Week (8/11) Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 15:26

Tuesday 8/10:  Kenny and I had the Rich Comly charter aboard for their yearly "fluke" trip. Rich, his wife Toni, and nephew Scott made up the crew without the rest of the usual cast.  For a change of pace, I decided to try some of my spots to the south of the inlet today in hopes we could scrape up some keepers. My deckhand Kenny pulled a beautiful 10.6# out of some rough bottom down there yesterday, so it was worth a crack.

We got outside, there wasn't a puff of breeze however there was a light SE current that pushed us along. Our first drop yielded zero bites, our second just a couple of short seabass, then subsequent drops yielded pretty much nothing. We did find a small patch of shorts, but even that was painfully slow. I decided to take a little gamble and run further south to fish a couple drops off Lavalette/Ortley out in deep water -- again, no bites.

By noon time, we still had no drift, so we decided it was best to switch over to bottom fishing. We pretty much hopped around from rockpile to rockpile, just picking a few keepers and loads of shorts.

The last drop however, was lock and load with some real nice keepers to 3+ lbs coming up, as well as numerous shorts -- we had quite a few double headers as well. Right on top of the piece in 52' of water, on the second drift, Rich even nailed a nice codfish + seabass double header, and Toni also bagged a nice keeper blackfish.

To sum it up, we fluked for 4.5 hours, and caught about 6 shorts. In the remaining 3 hours, we boated well over 75 seabass, keeping ~25-30 to 3#, as well as Rich's cod and Toni's tog. Fluking was simply horrible, while bottom fishing, as it has done all summer long, picked up the slack quite nicely. Catching codfish in 52' of water in mid August is also bizarre, however it really shows how that stock is rebounding in our area. Rich, Toni and crew will be back in November for the bass - they are a great crew and are a blast to fish with!!!

 Wednesday 8/11:  My mate Michael shot me a text yesterday afternoon that they had gotten into some tog along the sod banks down south, so with both of us having today off we decided to make a go of it this morning. I've been tempted to try this fishery for years (going back to the BillM days!!) and decided to take the ride.

Got in Michael's 18' skiff "Mother-fluker" early on, and with a small cooler full of blue claws, him, myself, and his brother Jason made our way down to the sod banks. With the current roaring early on we started the day by fluking along some channel edges catching a few shorts here and there.

By 9 the current was slacking off so off we went to the spot and double anchored. It only took about 3 minutes and Jason had swung the first tog in the boat, a nice 16" keeper, I followed with another 16" fish. As the current slowed, a slow but steady pick developed of mostly nice tog along with a few real nice triggerfish. Once we got close to slack, the triggers slowed, and the bigger tog put the feedbags on as we boated a few in the 5-7# class, with Jason nailing a beautiful 23" fish which pulled drag and went absolutely nuts, and then I boated a nice 20"er just after. We had to make a wiggle as the tide was turning, and did just that. We put a couple more in the boat, and Mike added a nice 22" fluke, adding more meat to the box...

We wound up boating around 15-20 tog, with most being keepers, we only had a few shorts, as well as 3 triggerfish and the 1 nice keeper fluke. We also had a few seabass. This wound up being a terrific trip, and a great way to spend the morning!! Thanks to Mike for having me down - this is a great fishery and those fish are MEAN in that current!!!
8/6-8/8 Weekend Fluke Wrap-Up
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 09 August 2010 13:34

Friday 8/6 :  Had another FTYP trip today with Bob S, Jim, Striffler, Jack, Bob T, and Suzanne.  Ran north out of the inlet and on impulse I stopped on a hill where we caught a few Wednesday. In 1 drift, we boated ~20 shorts, nothing bigger than 15", so we decided to move further north to fish the LB area.

Made a drop on one of my favorite rockpiles to start up there. We had a nice W breeze and a slow N current early, so we moved along at around .7 - excellent conditions! We had immediate life, bites, and plenty of shorts, a few keeper fluke, and some nice seabass in the boat. After that initial W wind dropped out, the current from the N really kicked in and we were flying - no more bites. Suzanne was able to bag a nice 5.5# here.

Went further north to fish offshore a bit and got into another solid bite with that slow moving N current and light W wind, and again in about a half dozen drifts we boxed a few more keepers plus some shorts and some seabass. Once that current got going, and the wind switched to NNE, that bite shut off. I tried another drop further offshore, only to find a few more shorts.

We then went in closer to the beach to fish the real snaggy stuff to finish up the day. NE current there couple up against the NW wind made for a real slide of a drift, but we had some very good action with shorts, and some nice keepers topped by a few 20"+ fish, and Bob T's 5.5#er. Suzanne also reeled in a old crusty penn peerless conventional and what looked to be a custom rod.

When all was said and done we had 13 fluke in the box, most of them were in that 19-22" range, as well as around 10 seabass. In total, I'd say we had 50ish fluke for the day. For what we've had, we had a solidday.   What made today even better were Bob T's homemade pulled pork sandwiches, Schlinky's Primo Subs from Philly, and Jim's pickled bluefish ceviche. Good eats!!! Gotta love it!!

Saturday 8/7:  Had the Hill boys on the boat again today following their limit seabass trip back in July... Group consisted of brothers Scott and Tom, with their boys TJ, Justin, and Greg and TJ's buddy Kevin.

Ran up north... Started out where we caught some yesterday - just shorts... Ran further up, bounced around, and sorta pieced together a catch with some nice seabass, lots of short fluke, and some keepers in the mix...

I think we wound up with 6-7 fluke, about 8 nice knucklehead seabass, and about 50 short fluke.. We probably had a dozen fluke JUST UNDER 18" today.  Tough day, the guys worked HARD all day bucktailing and keeping at it but the action was fair and the guys did go home with some fillets. As always this crew was a blast and we will be seeing them again in the fall.

Sunday 8/8:  Quick family river trip in the morning on Sunday - just played with the shorts and did a cruise up past Route 70 and back...  Boat traffic was wild!
8/4 Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 11:53
Had the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County on for a full day fluke trip today. Broke the inlet around 7 and found a brisk S breeze of around 10 kts. We set out for some snags/hills to the NE of our inlet.

First drift we had suprisingly a good amount of life with a nice 19" fluke, and a few keeper seabass as well as a a few short fluke. We went back up on that same line or one similar to that one al few more times, and only had a handful of shorts.

We then tried another high spot further NE and got into a pretty steady bite of short fluke, a few close ones, and a couple more seabass. We probably had our best pick of the day here.

We then went further E to fish another snag/high spot, found just a little life. S wind was coming up pretty good at this point so we went inshore and tried a couple of lumps, and only had a couple of shorts. At this point, 12-16 oz. of lead was skipping!

Our last drop was in the river to give the guys a respite from the chop and the super-fast drift and with light spinning tackle, we had drop & reel short fluke pretty much everywhere I stopped the boat. Just 1 fish was close enough to measure!

For the day we boated ~75 fluke, with only 2 being over 18". We also wound up with 5 nice seabass, and 1 ling. Very slow day for keeping, but the guys had some action. We need a NE or a W wind to breathe some more life into this fishery!!!
Monday 8/2 Flukin'
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 06:39
Just got back from my 5th "honeymoon" cruise with my wife - today was the first trip since my return over the weekend.

Had a FTYP trip today with Scott A, Dave, Darren, Eric, and Pete. I wanted to check out some spots that I heard had some fish while I was away, so we started out real close to home and picked up a couple of shorts, a couple of skates, and a small ling.

Went further north, and tried some spots we had fish on last week and with no wind or current, we had no movement whatsoever. Power drifting over a few spots yielded zero bites. So, we went further north, and finally got into a little bite just as the SE wind started blowing enough to get us going. We had a nice pick of some keeper seabass, short fluke, and a few keeper fluke. A move out offshore to some deeper water yielded a few more keepers, as well as a few shorts.

By 130, we made another move back inshore and added some more shorts, another keeper, and a nice seabass. We then started making our way back south, trying a few lumps and high spots between LB and Spring Lake, as wel as down off Squan all yielding just a few bites.

Very slow day for us, it just wasn't our day. We did have some nice seabass in the box, and our top fluke of the day was 22". We wound up with a dozen fish in the cooler, so it wasn't a complete loss. Back out Wednesday!!
Friday 7/23 Half-Day Mixed Bag Trip
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 23 July 2010 20:26

Had George Bossow charter the boat along with his son Brad and his nephew Mark. The plan was to mix it up with fluke and also do some bottom fishing.  Broke the inlet just after 7 and found slick calm seas as we shot to the south to make the first drop targeting fluke initially. When we got to the piece we had no drift, so we power drifted over the piece only catching a few seabass.

We then made a move to the north to target seabass. First piece was picked over pretty good, but the second yielded a bunch of keepers and a load of shorts as well as a couple of nice ling, as well as a nice keeper fluke taken by George on a clam bait intended for seabass. The third piece was only OK as we picked a couple more nice keepers.

After roughly 2 hours of seabassing, we went back to fluking and found the bite to be extremely slow -- we were able to catch a few more keeper seabass but no more keeper fluke.

Called it a day at 12 with ~30 keeper seabass, 2 ling, and 1 19" fluke in the box. George was high hook, Mark had the hot hand with the bigger biscuits which was topped by a nice fish ~ 4#!! A productive morning trip to say the least!!

Pics are in the gallery!
7/21 Flukin'
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 05:21

Had Bill P, Doc, Larry "hartattack", Steve R, Rich, and Scott A aboard for a fluke trip today. Ran north again. Started where we had them a bit last Friday and found a few fish, not a whole lot of life though as we had a W wind and a N current -- real slow drift... Ran a little further north, and found a little better life and we boated a few keepers in there while dropping a good fish. Also had some seabass.

We then ran off to the E and Steve immediately boated a nice 5# fish, but that was it. A few wiggles, then a move further offshore resulted in a couple of shorts and another pig that was lost half way up. Oh well!

S wind started coming on, so we headed south. I set up on a rockpile off LB that has been very good to me and my anglers in the past and it certainly didn't disappoint today. First few drifts we picked a few off, with a couple going in the box. After we worked it over, it dried up, so we went offshore a bit and found some more life on a high spot. Drift was VERY fast, 1 kt + as we had a S current and a S wind together but there was an OK pick of mostly "quality" shorts in the 17 to just under 18" range, with a few keepers mixed in. Doc got his redemption out there boxing a beautiful 7# fish on an 8 oz. bucktail.

By 3PM the drift everywhere was insanely fast with the hard S wind coming on, so we made our way home. These guys worked their asses of for their fish today. I believe everyone wound up with at least 1 keeper and Doc led the way with 3. We wound up with 7 or 8 in the box topped by the 7#, and Steve's 5# was a close second. The rest of the keepers were in the 18-21" range. We also wound up with 5 keeper seabass.

This was another "grind" of a day as we spent 8+ hours fishing slugging it out with again tough conditions, heat, and what seems to be a body of fluke that do not want to chew on a daily basis. We need some W winds and a fresh breath of life in this fishery to get it going again!!! Thanks to the guys for coming down, some great ball-busting as usual and some nice fillets going home at the end of the day!

(Pics are posted in the gallery)
Monday 7/19 - Flukin' Bounces Back a Bit
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 06:59
Sailed with only 2 this morning with Darren and Don K making up the crew with Kenny and I. I did have a few more guys but a couple switched dates around last minute, and another backed out.

With the crappy forecast I made the decision to stay relatively close. We fished some rocks/wrecks 5-7 miles NE of our inlet initially. We were able to pull a few nice keeper fluke to 4# as well as a few nice seabass, as well as some shorts. By 10AM the sky went black, and a quick look at the radar indicated a nasty storm was headed our way, so we ran south to get out of its path -- crazy lightning, heavy rain, and GUSTY W winds to 40 kts made the ocean a nasty place for a few minutes.

After the squall went through, we got back to flukin'. I decided to hit a few snags S of our inlet in 70-80' of water that I haven't tried yet this year. First drop produced a seabass, a ling, and a couple of shorts. Second drop, just as the S wind started to blow a bit produced a steadyish pick at mostly keeper fluke -- most fish here were over 19" and were topped by the top fish of the day @ 27", taken by Don which weighed just around 8# on my hand scale (the digital wasn't working!!!) as well as a couple in the 3-5# range. We had about 6 good cracks at them before it started cranking... And By 3PM, the S wind really got cranking, and we were having a hard time holding with 8 oz. bucktails, so we called it a day.

Crazy day. Thunderstorms, squalls, some fluke and seabass, and to top it off we even had a 4' brown shark cruising around the boat for a few minutes.

When all was said and done we brought 10 quality keeper fluke to the boat, 5 seabass, 2 ling, and a handful of tailor blues. 3 of the fluke were in the 3-5# range, topped by Don's ~8#er. With the small crew all of us got to fish and everyone put a few keepers in the box - Kenny showed us all how it was done today!! With that said, this wasn't a banner day by any standards, but we had some nice chunky fillets to show for our efforts!
7/16 Fluke & Seabass - Tough Day!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 18 July 2010 18:12
Had John E, Brandon, George, Cool Hand Al, and Darren S aboard for a FTYP trip today.

Ran north again. Started out offshore fishing some rough stuff and high spots only to put a few shorts and seabass in the boat. We had a real nice drift, creeping along at .4 or so, so we had the conditions, fish just weren't there or weren't biting.

Around 9 after Jerry told me they were picking some keepers not too far from us so we ran in there. First couple of drifts we picked up some seabass, then we found a nice patch of fluke and put a couple in the boat. We then made a little shift, and got a good crack at them for about 3 drifts and then the S wind came on VERY quick. We stuck it out for a few more drifts, but it got entirely too fast so we headed further inshore to make a couple of drops off Long Branch, and picked at shorts.

By 2PM, the S wind was screaming, we had a steady 20 kts -- so we started for home and worked our way back at 12-13 kts.

Tough day for us, just wasn't our day. If we had started where had caught them we would have a real nice mess of fish in the box. Al had the top fluke of 5.2#, and we had a few nice seabass in the mix. Wound up with a total of 8 in the box --- not a total loss by any means but it was TOUGH fishing.
7/12 Report - More Seabass!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 05:56
Had Scott A, Brian A, and Phil H aboard for an open trip today. Originally it was supposed to be a fluke trip, but with poor results over the weekend and the stellar seabass fishing in our area, the crew opted to pull on biscuits for part of the day then finish fluking.

Fished S and E again on snags in 60-75' of water. First drop was where we left them on Saturday. As soon as I pulled up onto the piece the screen lit up - seabass were so thick on the machine that they appeared like bunker pods tight to the bottom. We dropped the rigs down, and had immediate lock & load action. We had a good, slow drift (.2-.4) initially for the first 2 hours, so we were able to work the area and beat up on the bass. There were some spots where the seabass were read thick on the open bottom, away from the piece.

On the drift, we put about 60 keepers in the box off this piece, as well as a would-be 17" keeper blackfish and a small cod, both taken by Brian. We then bounced around - hit a wreck, a couple other rockpiles, and pulled a few keepers off each.

By 11, we went back to where we started, and dropped the hook. We had a dead-on wind against tide, but with the south wind getting a bit snappy we were able to sit pretty well right on the piece, albeit a bit cock-eyed, with a slow swing. For the next 2 1/2 hours, we beat on the seabass with double and triple headers coming up every few minutes, it was simply stupid fishing, until we pulled anchor at 1:30 and did a few drifts for fluke.

While fluking we only put 1 fish in the boat, which was a nice 20" keeper taken by Scott on a mai-tai jig.

On the day we boxed exactly 100 seabass to 2.5# (most fish were 13-15" -- no hogs for us today), while boating probably twice that, with many right around 12" going back healthy, as well as the short cod, 1 tog, 2 ling, and the 1 keeper fluke. It was another great day of bottom fishing with a great crew!!!
7/9-7/11 Weekend Report - Fluke, Seabass & Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 15:38

Saturday 7/10:  Had the Tom Hill charter aboard today, consisting of Tom, his boys Justin and TJ, his brother Scott and his son Greg, and Mark...  With yesterday's slow fluking, and zero wind for a drift we opted to seabass/bottom fish to at least start the day then switch over to fluking later..

So, we fished some snags to the S and E of the inlet in 55-75' of water.. With zero wind and little current, we were able to drift over the pieces... Every piece we fished held some seabass, with roughly a 5:1 keeper ratio throughout the day...  First 2 drops were also loaded with smaller tog in the 12-15" range - they were so thick we were catching them on the drift...

We pretty much bounced around until we found a good concentration, and then worked the pieces to load the box up... 2 Drops were lock and load fishing, with the last being lights out fishing -- we actually went up on the anchor when the wind picked up a bit and beat on em' good...

By noon time the boys had enough of the seabass as the 125 qt cooler was almost full, so we switched over to fluking on a few drops N of the inlet... The bite was extremely slow, and we only picked a few shorts...  At the end of the day we wound up with 80 something seabass in the box, 2 ling, and released roughly 10 tog as well as a half dozen short fluke... Biggest bass was around 3#. A nice meat trip for a great group of guys!!!

Friday 7/9:  Had a FTYP trip with Suzanne, Dave, Ryan, and George.. Ran N and E of the inlet to fish some snags and hills in deeper water.. Big SE swell really turned up the bottom, and shut the fluking off... All day long we were able to slowly pick away at some shorts, a seabass here and there..

We finished the day up on the inside and had just a couple more shorts...

Only wound up with 3 fish in the box all day.. Biggest fluke was 22" and we did have a nice 3# seabass and another around 2#... Overall, an extremely tough day with horrible conditions...

Sunday 7/11:  Had to do a little maintenance and fuel the boat for this week's trips today, so Anthony and I took care of that and then fished the river for about an hour and a half.  Bouncing gulp twisters on jigheads right at the top of the tide and the change produced about 20 shorts, with 2 right @ 18".
7/7 Fluke Report - Fluking on the Upswing!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 08 July 2010 06:06
Weds 7/7 Fluke:  Had our third FTYP trip of the summer. Had Juicebox aka "Double limit" Bob, George "Dubya", Bud, John, and Brian aboard for a day of fun in the sweltering 90+ degree heat. Ran up north again. A light NNW breeze and a N current were pushing us along nicely. First drop was immediate action with a load of shorts, a few seabass, and one keeper. Subsequent drifts yielded the same, but once the wind flopped just a bit, the bite turned on. We had a few drifts where we had 2-4 keepers, and a couple with none.

By around noon time the wind completely dropped out and the current slacked, so the bite shut off almost completely. By 1:30 though, we were able to get a breeze going again and we got a slowish pick going again.  Bounced around all afternoon, just piecing it together until we headed for the barn a little after 3.

A good spread of fish all over the place, mixed in sizes. Bob got one @ 7#, George nailed a nice 6#, and we also had a couple in the 4-5# range. Most of the other keepers were in that 19-21" bracket. We wound up with a total of 17 keepers in the box, with Bob being high hook and taking the big fish of the day. No keeper seabass today.

All fish were caught on bucktail/teaser combos. Overall it was a solid, steady pick all day with some shots being better than others. Another great crew also, its always good havin' "Dubya" and my favorite puller on board --Thanks guys!!!
7/4 Weekend Update! Bottom Fishing & Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 14:31

Friday 7/1 FTYP Trip: Had our second FTYP marathon trip today. Left the dock just after 630 with Cool hand Al, Bill P, Ryan H, Lenny, Chuck, and Fred. Again ran north. Lots of life out there this morning as some terns were working over some small bluefish on the ride up.

Cool temps, a brisk NNW breeze of around 10 kts made for good drifting conditions early. Started in close off Deal, just a few shorts, then went off, and got more shorts. In close, the water was FILTHY however once we got off the beach, the water cleaned up however the N current picked up quite a bit and we were drifting at over 2 kts. We finally found some fish on a hill/clam bed and had a slow pick of mostly short fluke and a few seabass.

After a few drifts, that dried up, so we tried another high spot - nada. Did one drift in on the rocks in 40' of water, and had a painfully slow pick of smaller seabass. Even though there was less current, there were less bites.

So we then went further north and finally found a few keeper fluke, a few more keeper seabass. Once we got up that way we had good drifting conditions, and we started catching, but as soon as the bite picked up, the drift died, and power drifting yielded just a handful of bites.

Headed for home at 330 with 6-7 keeper fluke and about a dozen keeper seabass (I didn't get an exact count today - SORRY). We had maybe 2 dozen short fluke, and a bunch of short seabass. Overall it was a slow pick at best all day long, but everyone went home with a nice bag of fillets. Great crew, I will be seeing most of them later this summer for another shot at the flatties.

Saturday 7/3 Half-Day Bottom Trip:   Had the Brett Diamond charter, consisting of Bret, 12 year old Joaquim and his GREAT grandfather Lee (both from San Jose, CA) aboard for a half day bottom fishing trip. The plan was to get some fish for a couple of weekend barbecues and we had a window of 7-11AM to get these guys their fish.

Went back to where we caught them Thursday and found some slightly difficult conditions with a W wind against a N current - we weren't sitting right on the hook but we were able to get some bites after a couple shifts and put a few nice seabass in the box. I took a few minutes, dropped a hi-lo in w/ some strings and nailed a beautiful 6# blackfish that of course was released unharmed. Brett also nailed another nice July codfish before we moved to another drop.

The next 2 drops we sat on the anchor and we continued to pick away at seabass and another nice blackfish, but the wind flopped out, and we went on the drift.

Fished 3 more pieces and they all had some life, but the third provided some pretty quick action with bigger seabass to 2#.   We finished the day at 1115 with about 30 seabass in the box to 2#, along with the cod and the blackfish (which were released). Another good morning of bottom fishing locally for a great crew!

Monday 7/5 River Fluke:  Did a quick half-day trip in my old stomping grounds in the river on Monday...  Light tackle was the name of the game and we were able to jig up a half dozen nice fluke to 21" plus some shorts on gulps/leadheads!

All Pics are in the Gallery!
Thursday 7/1 Update - Seabass & Fluke!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 20:24

Thursday 7/1 Seabassin':  Had the Paul Treaster charter aboard today. The charter consisted of Paul and his wife Darla who own a cabin complex out in PA, and they brought along 4 of their clients, Matt, Carrie, Jay, and Jason, all of which were from the great state of Oklahoma. For a couple of them, this was the first time they had ever seen the ocean!!

Nice stiff breeze out of the NNW all day long, so we fished local snags in 55-70' of water. First drop was lock and load, all nice seabass in the 13-15" range. We had 20 keepers in roughly the first 10 minutes, and it slowly waned to a pick in an hour. Made a few shifts on the anchor, and continued to catch. Paul nailed our only cod on this drop, which was 20" and was released unharmed after a quick picture. By the time we moved to our second drop we already had 60+ keepers in the box.

Second drop was equally as good. Very few throwbacks, and some real nice knuckleheads. Matt nailed a bonafide 5#er (certified on the digital!) at this drop. Had many double headers here, as well as a couple of blackfish that went back and a nice ling. We made two more productive drops, picking away at some nice fish. By 1:30, a hard N current kicked in and the fishing shut off.

When all was said and done we had 115 keeper seabass in the box, as well as one ling. We released a couple of blackfish, as well as the one short cod, and what seemed like another load of short seabass.

This was the best seabass fishing we had so far this season, without a doubt!!! The crew wanted to head back to PA with a load of fillets, and that's exactly what they got!! Great day, with a great crew!!

Tuesday 6/29 & Wednesday 6/30 Flukin':  Had fluke trips both days.  Tuesday it was Billy40 of XL rods charter, Wednesday was our first FTYP trip of the season.  Both trips we ran north and found short life in on the beach, a few keepers here and there, as well as a good amount of seabass in mixed sizes.  Both days we had about a dozen keeper seabass, as well as a handful of nice fluke.  Bruce (6/30's trip) took the biggest fluke at 22".  We also had some ling and a silver eel on Wednesday to spice the catch.  Fluke fishing is pretty tough right now following our good start on Saturday - expect it to rebound soon!!!
Weekend Fluke 6/26-6/27!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 27 June 2010 19:07

Saturday 6/26:  First fluke trip on the new Reel Class today.. Had an all-star cast of Matt (Avid), Striffler, Bill T (Bill the 5th), Limestone Larry, Doug, and Tom Lefteye. Fished up north all day in the sticky stuff. Early on it was VERY slow as we had no wind or current to push us along. We picked a couple keepers here and there, and Mike was lucky enough to box the first ever keeper on the new boat!

Bounced around until we found a concentration of fish, and once we found em', we started to get some current to push us along so we pieced a nice catch together. Mostly nice keeper fluke, with a few shorts, and some real nice seabass in the mix as well. By 1PM, that bite slowed, so we moved in on the beach.  In 20-35' of water, we put a load of shorts in the boat as well as a few more keepers topped by a 5# fish by Doug.

Everyone bucktailed all day long - lots of fish on the bucktail but also quite a few on the gulp teasers. Everyone also caught fish. Matt wound up with his limit +, Striffler had his limit, and then Tom, Larry, Doug, and Bill each put a few nice fish in the boat.

At day's end we wound up with 18 keepers, I think we had 5 over 5# topped by Matt's 6.25# fish. We also wound up with a dozen nice seabass to 4# - 2 of them were real hogs! Overall, a great day with a SUPERIOR crew -- a fantastic way to start the summer fluke season on the new boat! Thanks for coming down guys!!!

Sunday 6/27:  Had the Todd Jankowski charter on board today for a day of fluking. Went north again, and set up on a few drops in the Elberon-LB area to start out... Zero bites, zero fish.. Continued north, tried in on the beach and caught a few shorts, then off to the deep where we were yesterday for a couple hours with more shorts, a keeper or two, and some nice seabass..

Finished up inshore fishing the stretch from Monmouth beach up to Sea Bright and had a lot more action with the fluke, a few keepers, a load of shorts, and a few seabass..

Overall it was a VERY slow day.. We did have some action with the shorts and the seabass, but it was very picky. We wound up with a total of 6 in the box to 19" - some nice seabass to 3# as well. Again a very tough day, nothing like yesterday...
Saturday 6/12 Bass - Slow Day
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 14 June 2010 13:30
Had the Justin Eberly charter aboard with Kenny and I today. Initially we ran north and got some bait up off SG, and then thanks to Capt Carlos and Max of Andrea's Toy we had 2 livewells full of frisky bunker for the day.

We ran off the beach then to fish some deep spots and found absolutely nothing... Got a call there was a bite down south, so off we went. We ranged as far south as IBSP and found plenty of bunker and a few fish blowing through them, but we couldn't manage a runoff.

Ran back north, more of the same. We were working the pods in close, out in deeper water, and structure such as hills, rocks, and the pipes to no avail... The crew was not really into doing any bottom fishing, but off we went to some snags to our E and fished them a half hour, but we found very slow fishing...

We then went back to bassing and got a call from my buddy Mike A there was a little bite in on the beach, so we got in there. First drift, we nailed a nice 30# fish which destroyed the bunker on the surface -- looked good but the S was building and the wind was getting real snappy..

Had a couple more runoffs, I even had a couple of fish swat at a pencil, but that was it.. Very slow day, only 1 fish all day long.. We busted our ass but just couldn't get it done - that one fish was a lot of work! Hopefully it picks back up after this S blow!!
6/10 PM Bass Explosion!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 11 June 2010 05:22
I wasn't sure what to expect for this afternoon's trip, but Mike and I were ready to both seabass fish and/or liveline bunker for bass. We were joined by Derial Sanders, his grandson Trevor, and Derial's brother John for an afternoon charter.  Got some good intel as to where the bunker were by my boy Freddy G and got set up on them right away just N of our inlet. We were greeted by a hard south wind blowing close to 20 but we were able to get on the bunker (which were tight to the bottom but THICK) and get roughly 40 baits in the livewell in an hour.

We then went into search mode for the bass and saw some gannets working an area about a mile and a half to our north so we got ready to set up. Upon reaching the birds, the screen LIT UP with bass marks and we got the bunkers in immediately. First drift we had 3 runoffs - no fish. We then got back to the reads, and it was GAME ON. 2-3 Fish on at a time, ridiculous fishing...

But, it only gets better... As we followed this patch of fish S, the fish started BLOWING UP in every direction - cinder blocks falling from the sky kinda thing with bass showering bunker and EXPLODING seemingly everywhere.. We were blowing through bunker, landing fish, missing fish, breaking 1-2 off, etc. It was WILD!! Once we got the big patches close to us, I put on a pencil and put 3 in the boat to 25# - missing several all while we were helping the crew put more fish in the boat.

We followed the patch of fish S of our inlet - the wildest moment of the trip was when we were surrounded, literally surrounded, by porpoising 20-40# bass destroying bunker pods while the sky opened up with an incredible downpour complete with a rainbow to our East, drenching us as we had 4-5 fish on -- during this explosion we ran out of live baits so we were hand-tossing dead bunker into the foray, and immediately hooking up -- It was simply ridiculous - as EPIC as it gets!

We easily boated somewhere between 20-30 fish in the 20-35# range while keeping 7 fish for the table and releasing the rest. We had 40 baits, and there were 5 dead ones left over in the well when we got back, so The other 35 went to the bass.  8 Year old Trevor did a great job, landing around 5 big fish to 35# which was the biggest of the trip, with Mike and Grandpa's assistance. Simply a great trip, and this one was one for the books!
6/5-6/6 Weekend Reports (Stripers?? Seabass!)
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 06 June 2010 17:52
Sunday 6/6:  Had the Mike Accordino charter aboard today for a bass trip. Due to two guys backing out on Mike last week we filled it with Nick and Dan, and Mike had his buddies Jake, AJ, and Adam to fill out the 6 man crew.

Made bait real fast, as there are miles of bunker just outside our inlet, but only problem was we couldn't find a bass again today. Fished in the pods, and off on some structure, not even a sniff on the bass.

By 845 the guys had had enough so we went off to do some seabassin' on the snags in 65-75' of water. Again immediate action, but today the keepers were a little harder to come by. Most of the keepers were NMR's (no measurement required), and the shorts were no doubters too. We made 5 drops with numerous wiggles on the pieces, and pieced the catch together. Lots of double headers, but lots of lulls in the action followed by some flurries.

By 11:30, seas were building to a solid 4-6' with an occasional 7' thrown in with the heave coupled with the hard SW wind, and we had a couple of guys down already with a bout of mal de mer, and a third on his way, so we decided to pull anchor and head back home.

We wound up with ~35 keepers, probably a few more, topped by AJ's pig humpback of 4# (weighed on the digital  ) plus several in the 2# range. Lots of nice biscuits today! Also, a lot of shorts. We also had quite a bit of bergall life. Again, no ling or cod today, and for the first time this season, no tog.

Good day, glad we got the morning in, wish the wx could've cooperated for this great crew!

Saturday 6/5:  Had Fred Shaw and pals Joe, Alex, Brian, Vin, and Susan along for their annual charter.

Broke the inlet around 630 and headed south to find bunker literally everywhere we looked. Making bait was no problem whatsoever. I think we coulda netted the bunker with our long handled bass net! Only problem, not many fish on them. Between 630 and 945 we had 1 runoff, that was it. We made it as far as Seaside, no good shakes anywhere in that zone.

So, we put the seabass rigs on and headed to some snags a few miles off. First drop was lock and load no doubt keepers for the first 10 minutes or so - these fish were all over 14" - after that we picked away at some shorts and a few more keepers, so we made a wiggle and got back on them. I decided to drop down a diamond jig since the bass were again spitting up sandeels - and first drop I nailed a nice 15" TOG on a 27 with a red tail!! This was easily my first tog on a diamond jig and I was shocked to say the least to "jig up" a blackfish!

Second drop was horrible, just a few fish. Third drop was lights out. Fished a little deeper, and put the screws to em'. Numerous double headers, and lots of 1.5-3# seabass going into the cooler along with the shorts and ever present bergalls.

By 130 with the bite still very good, the crew had had enough and we pulled anchor and made our way back to the dock. We had ~75 keeper seabass in roughly 3.5 hours fishing, with easily twice that amount in fish, as well as the one tog that was returned. No ling or cod for us today. Great trip, lots of meat for a great crew who had a blast as usual!!
Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 05:33
Very quick weekend report...

Originally didn't plan to fish on Saturday but the wives gave us a few hours and off we went on a little crew trip in the afternoon. Made 1 drop, had great action even in the S wind and swell. Boated approximately 40, about half made the 12.5" mark.

Sunday we had the Matt Nathanson charter aboard for an AM half day trip. The trip was originally penned in the book as a striper trip but with that bite on the slow side, the guys opted to seabass fish. We again fished south of our inlet in 60-75' of water and found a lot of life on every drop, but most drops yielded loads of shorts from 8" to just under 12.5". We made at least a dozen drops in total - conditions were lousy as we had a S current butted up against that light NNW wind - we were flopping like crazy, but the fish were there! Lots of borderline fish. We also had a couple of tog mixed in with the seabass, topped by a 4# take by Shane - all tog were released unharmed. Overall we managed to put a decent catch together, but we could never really completely get it together today. The guys as usual were great!!
5/22-5/23 Bass & Bottom Fishing - Another Awesome Weekend!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 23 May 2010 18:20

Saturday 5/22:  Had the Pete Schussler charter aboard from PA. The guys had to drive 2 hrs. + to get to Point Pleasant so we got off to a bit of a late start pulling out of Clark's at 7. Before today, none of them had ever livelined or caught a bass over 20#. That was going to change in a hurry :)

Got bait real quick right outside, then went off into the deep to find some fish. Found a little life off Sea Girt where we had a couple of run-offs, but that was it. We also found a little life about an hour later off Spring Lake, with a couple more swings and misses. I then got a couple of calls from guys to our north who were into a bit of a bite up the beach. We were on the low side with livies so Capt Alan brought us about 20 fresh ones and we headed north (thanks again man!)

We finally got into some fish up in the Bradley - Allenhurst stretch right in the pods, and we finally started getting some meat in the box. At this point it was already noon time.

We followed this pod which was LOADED with bass all the way up to almost Long Branch. Every drift, we'd have several runoffs with plenty of fish making it to the boat - the bite was VERY GOOD and at times it was stupid fishing. But, with all the boat traffic the bunker kept coming up and down so the fish were at times tough to catch. Even with all the boats, MOST guys were respectful and used as much caution and ettiquette as possible!! With all that said, we actually had some awesome surface strikes with big bass coming up and slamming the bunker right on top!

At one point I was snagging bunker and got drilled by a fish on the retrieve. None of the guys wanted the fish so I brought her to the boat, she was 45"/36#.

We left them biting at 245 - the action was still real good... The guys kept their 10, most fish were in the 20-30# range, with a couple over 30# topped the one 36#. Another EXCELLENT day this spring - these guys were a trip and kept Kenny and I laughing all day long!

Sunday 5/23:  Had Bob T charter the boat for a seabass and bass trip.. Our plan was to start out bass fishing, then switch over to seabassin' a bit later.

We broke the inlet just before 6 and found the bunker spread out and deep; real hard time even snagging them - we had no chance with the net. We were still able to secure about 20 baits after about 40 minutes of really working at it to get them, so we went off into the deeper water and started looking. Found some great marks, here and there, but we could only manage one solid runoff.

After sticking with this until around 9:30, we decided it was time to switch over to bottom fishing so we picked up and headed south of the inlet to fish some snags in 60-75' of water. We were on the anchor all day as there was no chance for us to drift in the 3-5' seas, the E breeze, and a hard tide kinda butting up aside the wind.

Nevertheless, we bounced around, making around 6 drops. First couple were very slow, just a few shorts and keepers, but a third drop further to the south in 65' yielded a good pick of keeper and short seabass, a nice 22" cod taken by Mike, and a few would be keeper blackfish that had to go back.

We kept bouncing around from piece to piece, and put a nice catch together. Lots of real nice 2-3# seabass in the mix along with the shorts, no dogfish, and just lots of life in general! We also read a lot of sandeels right on the bottom -- I tried diamond jigging for the seabass but couldn't even get a sniff...

We wound up boxing around 50 seabass, 2 nice ling, and the one 22" codfish. Again we also had a few tog, and there was lots of bergall life on every drop. Real good day with a great crew who stuck it out all day long despite the sloppy conditions!! Also, a big thanks to Socks and Andy for filling out the trip for Bob!!
Thursday 5/20 PM Bass on Bunker - Fish to 44#!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 21 May 2010 05:22
Got a last minute trip together with Anthony, Brian, Bryan, and Socks. Our plan was to fish for a few hours until sunset as an afterwork trip.

We got outside the inlet and joined the fleet just N by 545, and we quickly got our bunker and started swimming them over some great marks and inside the pods.

First drift we had about a half dozen runoffs, a few hook ups, and a nice 32# in the box. For a few minutes we lost the fish, but then we got back on em' and started getting several runoffs per drift with plenty of hooks ups amidst many misses as well. Bryan was able to put the screws to one that ripped off almost a half spool of line, we got her to the net and she put the digital to just a tad over 44#, estimated length was around 50" - easily Bryan's personal best! Even better, she was released unharmed a few minutes after we snapped some great shots.

Before dark we had more action, and as the sunset we had one wild drift where Socks put another slob in the boat, right @ 40# and 48" in length - another personal best!

Great evening, everyone caught fish and went home with a nice bag of fillets. We easily had 30+ bites, hooked up with about half the fish out of those bites, and boated a 44#, 40#, adn a couple 30-32# fish -- can't beat that!!!
5/15-5/16 Weekend Reports - Another Great Weekend Stripers to 37#!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 16 May 2010 18:33

Sunday 5/16:  Had a 2 man charter of Brian and Billy aboard this morning with Kenny and I. Got some intel late yesterday by several people that it went off Saturday evening to our south, so we broke the inlet just after 6 and headed south.

Originally our intent was to get some bunker and fish them in and around the pods, but as we were making our way south we ran into a big patch of birds working 50-60' depths. Once I slowed the boat down, the screen lit up like a christmas tree with boomerangs and we got the jigging rods out immediately and started working the marks.

As soon as the jigs got in the water, it was GAME ON with BIG FISH slamming the 47's, 7 oz krocs, and 5" storm shads. The first fish in the boat was a 37# pig taken by Brian on a 7 oz kroc, and Billy and Kenny both followed with fish right around 30#. We had 3 real good shots of them, mostly on readings, where we had 2-3 on at a time.

With that said, that jig bite was short lived and was pretty much over and spread out by 8AM, but we kept looking around and picking one or two here and there. So By 9, we had had enough, so we got the trolling sticks out, and put the stretches back in the water and had 4 knockdowns in the first 10 minutes, boating a few more nice ones to 30#. But that, like the jig bite, quickly died as the tide slacked.

We kept looking around the rest of the day, Billy got one suicidal fish on a kroc around mid-day, and we found a couple of patches of 5# bluefish working on rainfish before we called it quits at around 2:30PM.

We wound up boating ~20 bass (maybe a couple more than that) to 37# --only keeping 5 for the table. Most fish were in the 18-30# range, with a few going between 30-37#. We also boated about a half dozen bluefish.

By no means was this a monumental day, but the bite early in the morning was VERY GOOD and we made the most of that hot early bite. Hats off to Brian for besting his previous personal record (set YESTERDAY) of 35# with that beautiful 37# fish which was released unharmed. Great day with a couple of regulars who know how to make Gomez laugh a lot!!Thanks again guys!

Saturday 5/15:  Had the Bob Schlink charter aboard. Had hopes of livelining and/or jigging some fish up north. Got a late start but found some bunker just N of Shark River; they weren't concentrated enough to throw the net at that point nor could we get the snags into any so we went into troll mode after a futile attempt at jigging over some marks off Long Branch.

We put the sticks out around 9 am and head a steady pick of bass and bluefish the rest of the day trolling between Long Branch and Monmouth Beach. Bomber and Mann's stretch plugs as well as white shad rigs did the trick.

By day's end we boated 7 bass to 25# (biggest taken by Jim), and about a dozen bluefish to 10#. The crew had a great time, even though we certainly didn't have our best day catching!

5/1-5/2 Weekend Report - Bass Limits Everyday + Codfish!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 02 May 2010 20:33

 4/29 PM Trip:  Got out with the Dave Fischer Charter and ran up north to get into the last moments of a fantastic bite in the afternoon to get the festivities started.

Immediately got into fish in the Spring Lake to Asbury stretch, a couple miles off, and had our boat limit in 2 drifts!!! Fish were up to 20# - no bluefish whatsoever. All bass were caught on hammered 47's and big shads.  Dave and his dad had a blast using light spinning tackle and the custom conventionals.  Great action, the guys had a blast and had a load of meat to take home!!

Saturday 5/1 Bass Slamfest + Codfish!!!:  Where do I start... Had Ryan H, Bluefish Steve, Bill T, and Dan aboard with Michael and I for a bass/bluefish jig trip.  Ran north, got a call from the Mongers it was game on a couple miles off, and after a big turn, off we went.

Immediately got into fish, and it was INSANE from 7:30-10AM. Many times had 3-5 fish on -- Fish after fish, mostly bass in the 28-34" range with some bluefish in the mix. Every fifth fish or so was a bluefish - but the bass were aggressive!! We caught them on shads, 47's, crippled herrings, pencil poppers, darters, and even mai tai bucktails with pork rinds!!! It was ridiculous!!! We boxed a limit by around 8:30 and continued catch and release fishing until the bite slowed down after 10.

Decided to change it up a little and ran south to try to catch a few codfish in 65-80' depths on some rocks. We had virtually no wind or current, so we were able to drift over the pieces. Half the guys jigge, the other fished clams on a hi lo. First drop Bill nailed a nice cod on a jig, and the next few drifts produced a couple more. Bounced around, caught some here and there, and wound up with 10 cod, with 3 being nice keepers to 25".

Great day, caught easily 50 keeper bass, probably 20 bluefish, and 10 codfish. Biggest bass was 20#, biggest blue about 10, and the biggest cod went around 6#.

Sunday 5/2 Bass Report:  Forecast was iffy last night with a hard SSW forecasted and the possibility of some rain, but we shaped up early and after taking a quick look on the way to the boat in Lavalette I knew we wouldn't have any issues as seas appeared to be in the 2-3' range.

Left the slip just before 7 with Socks, Brian, Bill P, Bluefish Steve, Ron, and Pete aboard with Michael and I. Ran up north to join the growing fleet where they were biting late yesterday morning about a mile off.

Seems like when we got there ~730, we were getting the tail end of the bite. The amount of boats zooming through the fleet was staggering - lots of people paying zero attention to their fishfinders and racing to the birds. We stopped on some INSANE marks as soon as we got there, and had fish on and also dropped a few within moments of the jigs hitting the bottom. We had 2 real good shots of fish where we had 2, 3, and 4 on, landing most and most were keepers in the 29-31" range. Also had a few shorts. Third drift things seemingly shut off and we only had a few fish, with Socks nailing a nice 20# fish on a chartreuse teaser above a cod jig - thanks for that one pal (LOL!!!)

After that, the switch was thrown off when the S wind got cranking. Ran all over the place looking for something, all the way up to the Highlands Bridge, offshore a bit, and then back south, didn't even see a bass mark the rest of the day (after 9AM). Ran all the way back S of our inlet, tried the cod spot, couldn't even get a sniff the rest of the day.

Wound up with 15 nice bass in the box, which is a terrific day, but it wasn't yesterday by any standard. The boat traffic created a scene like in the original Jaws movie, boats flying all over in every direction, anglers screaming and shouting, it was a freakin' zoo up there.  The crew was great, lots of laughs and ball busting - can't beat that!
Reel Class Bass 4/24 - Boat Limits Again!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 25 April 2010 16:55

Had Mike G, Brian M, Doc, Jason, and Dan aboard with Kenny and I this morning.. Ran up north, hoping to find something to jig, but only stopped on some readings between the church and the rocks.. Some boats trolling were picking away a bit..

Got a call that there was a little more life S of Manasquan Inlet, so off we went at 24 Kts and got there just shy of 10AM.. Bite at first was slow, just a few bluefish and a nice bass taken by Mike, but as we started south we saw some bird life in closer to the beach and once we arrived, we found chunky bass and bluefish rolling right on top feeding on rainfish and bunker.

We put the storm shads on, and it was GAME ON. 2-3-4, even 5 fish on at a time the bite was pretty ridiculous from 10:30-12:30. During that period of time, we had roughly 85% keeper bass with the other 15% being bluefish and just 3 short bass. We had fish rolling right around the boat all morning long, and we also had multiple fish following the shads right up to the boat.

By 2PM the bite slowed when the S wind started blowing, but we were still picking away pretty good at the bass but with more bluefish in the mix. It seemed after 1PM 5-7 oz. krocs were starting to work better as opposed to the 4-6" shads.

Great day, we boated easily 60 keeper bass, if not more, plus around 2 dozen bluefish, and of course a few short bass. We easily boxed our limit, we actually had it by around 11AM. Of course we only kept our limit, top fish was roughly 18-19#, and the rest of the 40-50 bass we released were all in good shape and lived to fight another day - today was THEIR lucky day!! Again, great day, great crew, I really don't know who had high hook or anything like that, it was another one for the books!!
Reel Class Saturday 4/17 Bass Boat Limits +
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 19:04
Had Doc, Anthony, and Alan aboard today for a morning bass trip.  Broke the inlet just after 7 and headed north.  Found some life just N of Shark River where we jigged up a few fish, but got a call from the Monger boys it was on up north so off we went.  When we first got there we had missed the bite, but picked a couple here and there.  Started heading south, then got the call that it was on again just to our NE so off we went again.

This time it was game on.  Gannets divebombing, fish all around us, and plenty of fish for all of us.  Many times we had 4-5 bass following up our kroc spoons or shads only to steer away at the boat.

Easily limited out on bass - Anthony got the biggest one today on a 5" storm shad @ 20#.  That was our only bigger fish of the day as the rest of the fish were in the 30-33" range.  We had our limit by 10:30 and were releasing fish for another hour or so till we headed back to the barn.  Great morning trip - we easily boated 20+ keepers and had just a few short fish; all fish were taken on shads or kroc spoons.  Hopefully this bite continues, its real good right now!   
Reel Class PM Bass 4/15
Written by Capt. Allen   
Friday, 16 April 2010 06:30

Striped BassWith the red hot bite that's been going on this week I really couldn't pass it up and I was jonesin' to get in on this bite, so I rounded up a crew with Mike G and Anthony and we headed out.

Broke the inlet at around 5:15, south wind was already coming on a bit but we headed north and found a few gannets divebombing off Spring Lake - but no shakes, so we headed north. Found a real nice patch of gannets working an area about a mile and a half off between Asbury and Long Branch. Set up on some good marks, sent down krocs, shads, and AVA's but didn't even have a touch. Ran further north, still not even a scratch, so we put the trolling sticks out and worked a few marks for about an hour -- still not even a knockdown.

At 7, we hung a spoon in the bottom, so we brought the whole spread up to re-set, when we looked off our starboard and saw the motherlode of gannets divebombing to our south about a 1/2 mile away. We ran right there, and immediately got into fish.
Point Pleasant SPRING Striper Fishing
Written by Capt Allen   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 20:46

Hey Everyone,

Just a very quick update on my end...  No more "Excuses!"

Anthony and I are starting work on the boat tomorrow, and the correct name (Reel Class) was put on the new Albemarle by Chris from Sign Brothers sign company last weekend. She looks great!

Weekend dates in May and June are filling up, but there of course are still some good dates available.

Some things to remember for SPRING striper fishing:
*If you want to jig for BIG stripers & bluefish, MAY is the month.  (We had fish to 30# last year on jigs)
*If you want to fish live bunker, the window from the end of May (or whenever the bunker arrive) into early July is the window to put a real slob in the boat!  (Top fish last year was 42#, and we had another 36 over 30# last year!)

Once we get rolling in June, we will be mixing the striper fishing with seabass fishing.  Since we have what appears to be a couple of narrow windows for Seabass fishing (Late May into early August, then September into early October) we will be looking to cash in on these tasty treats WHENEVER we can.

Some FTYP trips have been posted on the website, and several are filled or are close to being filled already.  The dates and the status of the trips are as follows:
Happy Mid-Winter!
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Wednesday, 03 February 2010 11:30

Happy Mid-Winter!

For those of you guys that will be at the AC Boat Show this Saturday, I am doing a one hour seminar on fluke fishing on rough bottom w/ bucktails and other stuff... This is all contingent upon the BLIZZARD they have forecasted for the MA and NE for Friday night into Sunday morning!

A couple of things I want to address right now:


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