2011 Reports

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas To All!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 30 December 2011 19:58

We would like to take a moment to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas (belatedly!) and Happy New Year!!!  The reason why this update is coming late is because Capt Allen's wife Eileen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lauren Rose, on Thursday 12/22/11!!!  Mom and baby are both doing well!!!

Rates for 2012 are updated on the website for both charters and Open Boat trips, and some new "special" trips have been added for 2012 - these new trips can be found on the charter page under "Special" Trips.  Also, our season pass section has been UPDATED reflecting 2012 rates/options.

Once again, we at Reel Class Sportfishing would like to wish everyone a great Holiday season!!!!
End-of-Season Thanks to All!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 28 November 2011 06:22
With the baby on the way in the VERY near future (baby-watch is in full effect!) I decided to end the season a couple weeks early today and yank the boat for the winter.

2011 was another great season for us; another great spring striper run with some real monsters to 42# and countless personal bests for our clients, a great summer of fluking until Irene, and one of the best fall runs of bass we've in years with limits EVERY TRIP. The cod fishing this spring and part of the summer was also a great surprise, and we hope to see that again in 2012.

Mike, Kenny, and myself would like to thank EVERYONE who sailed with us this year - you guys make the days on the water that much better and your patronage is ALWAYS appreciated!!!

We will be back and running in April, probably starting out w/ the cod and ling, and if the bag limits increase, winter flounder and then bass. Once again, thanks to everyone, and we will see you in 2012!!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 11-20 Update --- Bass, Bass, and More Bass!!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 20 November 2011 19:11

Sunday 11-20:  Had Steve B's charter today which was postponed twice due to weather earlier this fall. Unfortunately Steve's whole crew couldn't make it but Coop, and his Dad Bill joined us and we filled a couple of Steve's spots with Chris W and John T from the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County.

Broke the inlet in the dark and ran south into a tight chop with the hard SSW wind - couldn't make more than 17 kts going down so it took us a bit longer. We didn't get onto the scene off IBSP until slightly after 7, missing the very early bite. Early on, we had a few shorts, a dogfish, but that was it. We ran offshore where we saw loads of birds, but they were just working on bait.

Got a few calls of the bite going on a little further south and inshore, so we headed that way. First drop was in a huge fleet in roughly 20' water, and we had a few nice ones right away. After that, we couldn't buy a bite for a little bit, so we started searching a little further off and found the motherlode of readings - we had readings from the bottom up to 15' down SOLID and as soon as the jigs went in, the bite was on. In no time we filled the boat limit, all with nice fish in the 30-35" range plus some that went back and some shorts. Literally every jig that hit the water was getting bit - we re-did this drift 3 times and had similar action before it dried up.

We easily boxed our boat limit + 1 bonus fish by 9:30 - for the most part the bite died off for us but we kept searching for more life and found some shorts and some "lucky" keepers as we worked our way north as well as a few bluefish. That hard SSW wind we had early turned to a nice warm, WSW which flattened the ocean out nicely for our ride back.

We were all done by 1 PM and back at the dock by 2. The crew easily boated around 40 bass, with at least 20 being "keepers" (again some were lucky today) keeping the boat limit of 14 fish + Bill's bonus fish. Out of the 15 we kept, 14 were in the 30-35" range with only one being a "measurable" fish of 28.5" - the crew also boated a half dozen bluefish that are going to John's smoker. Steve also snagged a 5" sandeel on his jig - they were THAT thick.

Overall, this was another great day of jigging bass this fall with a superb crew. This run the last few weeks has been nothing short of tremendous, and the size and quality of the fish we've been catching has been excellent for the fall season. Hopefully, this little run we're having has some legs and keeps on going the next few weeks!!

Saturday 11-19:  Had Steve Hamby and his crew onboard for their regular fall bass charter (they booked the same date as last year when they caught a limit + as well!) Broke the inlet a little after 6 and ran south again, right back to where we have been fishing.

First drift, on some reads and a lot more bait marks than last week, was lights-out lock and load drop and reel whatever ya want to call it fishing. In the first 10 minutes, we had 8 keepers in the boat, and then again as it did last week, things slowed down a bit so we played w/ some smaller fish along the beach on soft plastics and AVA's.

Got a call that there was a bite a couple miles south - first drift was all bluefish, second drift, on some good marks inside a huge fleet, was lights out as we had keeper after keeper on the jigs.  By 9:30 we had a full boat limit, and were in catch and release mode. We started working our way north at 11, stopping here and there under some birds in on the beach and off the beach, but the bite was completely over.

Called it a day just after one - we easily boated 25-30 keeper sized bass only keeping our legal limit to 35" (big fish taken by Ray who was also high hook with 6 keeper sized bass). We also had about a dozen shorts, and around 10 bluefish up to 15#. It was simply another great day and this fishing is stellar!! Thanks for coming down guys!!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 11-13 Update -- Wild Striper Bite!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 13 November 2011 08:52

11/12/11:  Had Billy from Lavalette (LAVAOB from the site) charter the boat today with his buddies. Left early got out in the dark and headed south right back to where we've had the fish down off IBSP. We were greeted by a light WSW early as we ran down the beach. We stopped briefly off the piers just to look at some birds, but continued on to the south where the bite has been so good.

As soon as we got on the scene we read fish like crazy in on the beach in 40' of water, and in the first 10 minutes we quickly boated and boxed a bunch on 47's, 67's and PB & J's. Next couple of drifts were similar, then it slowed down. As the wind started to turn more to the South.

We went into search mode, looking offshore and inshore, again catching some fish on every drift but nothing wild. Bird play today was at a minimum whereas yesterday it was nuts. We would drift in on the beach, catch some shorts and the occasional keeper, then go to the deep, and do the same thing and find bluefish mixed in.
By 11:30 the WSW turned dead S, and the ocean got nasty real quick. Drifting/jigging started to become tough so we got out the trolling sticks, put the tubes in, and continued to pick away as we worked our way north until it was time to go home. We had a few double headers, some nice keepers, and some shorts and bluefish on the troll.

There are fish EVERYWHERE. We easily boated upwards of 50 bass today, keeping our legal limit - the fish that we kept today were bigger than the last few days, most of the fish were in the 32-35" range with several in the 30-32" range and some that were right @ 28" and quite a few shorts in the 24-27" range. All the keepers today were NMR's (no-measurement-required)
Overall we had another great day in what is shaping up to be a GREAT November bass run. The guys had a blast, and Billy's boy TARZAN (that's his name!) led the way with the biggest fish which was 36-37" and it also happened to be his birthday!!!

11/11/11:  Ran an open boat trip today and left the dock nice and early just before 6AM and headed south back to where we had them yesterday, the only difference today was we could see and we had a nice snappy breeze out of the W on the ride down.

Once we got on the scene we had birds working about a mile and a half off in 60' and we got the jigs in, moments later, we had a few on and quickly had a few in the box. A little bit later, the birds broke up and we went into search mode, picking away for a bit running inshore and then back off, and doing it again. By around 8:30 that snappy breeze I mentioned before definitely kicked up a notch but the ocean was still nice with no worse than 2-3' seas but had a VERY fast drift.

Just after 9 we found the motherlode of birds and bass working a bit to the north, and quickly filled the boat limit in no time with some nicer fish to 34"/14#, and were throwing back keepers as well as plenty of shorts in the 25-27" range as well as some gator sized blues. We had the boat limit by around 9:30, but We stuck with this for awhile until it shut off, then ran up the beach searching again.

We finished up fishing in tight up the beach a bit, just blind drifting from the surf line out to 35' and still picking away catching more bass & bluefish.

Overall we had a great day - caught fish on every drift but 1 and boated approximately 40 bass, keeping only the boat limit as well as a half dozen bluefish in the 5-15# range. Evan and Bill were both on fire boating 6 keepers each as well as shorts and bluefish. I got to drop in for a few casts and picked 3 nice ones myself (they must've been really thick!)

The wind was never really an issue, as long as ya had working windshield wipers, isin glass, and sometimes a rain coat it was a beautiful day lol and seas never got bigger than 2-3' where we were fishing. Great crew, great trip, can't wait for tomorrow!!!

11/10:  Ran an open boat trip today w/ Coach Dave, Toni, Rich, Craig, and Frank. Plan was to meet @ 6 and get out of the slip to cash in on the early bite. Fog, truly pea soup fog greeted us at the dock but we got out of the slip and made our way south to IBSP, creeping along @ 15 kts as we rode down the beach.

Got down to where we had them on Sunday and slowed down, and literally stumbled upon a huge pile of birds working over fish that were right on top; we immediately got the jigs in and had lights-out fishing for the first 20 minutes as we boxed a near-limit in the first 20 minutes. This first drift lasted about a half hour and we bailed bass, all bass, boating easily 25 with shorts in the mix.

Once we got out of the fish, we could never really get into them again. The fog made it very difficult to see the fish on top and we then worked readings for the rest of the morning, picking away at bass and bluefish in the 5-12# range. By noon time the fog let up and we worked our way north, joining a fleet a few miles S of our inlet, and we topped off the catch with a few more nice bass and a few gator sized blues.

We easily boated a boat limit of bass, threw back a bunch, and had quite a few short fish in the 24-27" range, as well as a dozen or so bluefish. Biggest bass today was only ~32" - but we filled the box up and the guys had huge sacks of fillets to go home.

Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant 11-6 Update... Bass-Bluefish-Tog-Seabass-Cod!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 06 November 2011 19:47

Sunday 11/6:  Finally got a break from the weather today. Had part of Gary B's charter (from a recent blow-out) on and PA Pete filled in the last slot. Game plan was to mix up bottom fishing w/ jigging bass & bluefish.  The guys wanted to get an early start and wanted to try bottom fishing first, so we did just that on a couple of pieces in 70' to the E of our inlet. Found a very slow seabass bite but boxed a couple. By 7:30 the phone started ringing about the bass bite, and after talking it over with the crew we made the move to go south and get into the bass action while it was good.

Once we got down there we found miles of birds with fish working under them, and a couple of small fleets working. We had immediate action with gator sized blues as well as a nice mix of 28-32" bass with a couple shorts thrown in. 47's w/ green, red, black, or yellow tails took all the fish adn we had 3 drifts where we had constant action where we beat on the bass and blues - the bite was at times the lock and load variety. We had our 6 man limit in 45 minutes, and played catch and release for a bit thereafter. Biggest bass was 34"/15#. Bass & blues were feeding on sandeels - sandeels were thick from Bay Head down to the park anywhere from 40-75'.

At 10 we headed back north to do some bottom fishing. Once we got set up we found a strong northerly current and an ok pick of mixed sized seabass along with some tog of mixed sizes ranging from shorts to 5#. We made 4 drops, 3 on rockpiles one on a wreck and 2 of them produced pretty well while the 2 others yielded little life. Also had some dogfish in the mix as well as some jumbo bergalls.

By 3 we were headed back to the dock with a 6 man limit of bass up to 15#, a handful of blues we kept, our 6 tog to 5# as well as 8-10 seabass (didn't get an exact count on them) and 1 real clean codfish. Kudo's to Marty "Mr Eggroll" for fishing a HANDLINE all day and catchign a few nice tog and seabass!! We had an EXCELLENT day of fall fishing and the bass bite was ridiculous. We even saw a few bluefins blowing up the sandeels off Ortley-Lava-SSH!! Great crew, great day - we'll see these guys in the spring again!!!

Weds 11/2:  Busman's holiday #2(We had ANOTHER snow day at school) as my deckhand Mike, his dad Sal and I did a seabass trip.  Fishing was ridiculous, got our 3 man limit to 2.5#  plus our 3 tog to 5#...

Mon 10/31:  Snow day @ Work following this weekend's wild October Noreaster and 8" of snow up north.  Surf fished early and found nothing going on.  Heard of a little bass bite up north so I got Mike to come down and Joey from the Fintastic jumped on and we headed out for a few hours.  We missed the morning bite, and then missed the afternoon bite LOL.  No fish for us, but we tried out the new AVETS and they did real well!!
Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant Sunday 10-30 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 30 October 2011 09:38

Saturday 10/29 - Sunday 10/30:  The picture to the left is of the Parkway at 1PM yesterday, and it says a thousand words.... For the first time in 9 years of running charters, I am simply speechless in regards to the weather we are experiencing and HAVE experienced since Hurricane Irene.  This weekend's charters, both days, were cancelled - Saturday due to Snow/Rain and today Sunday due to gale force winds.  This is the FIRST time I've cancelled a charter outside of December due to snow - things are getting VERY frustrating now as we are rescheduling trips now into the spring.  Up north, we have 6" of snow on the ground, and down in Ocean County we only had a coating but things were so bad at Clark's, the water again covered the docks almost up to the electrical outlets, forcing the crew @ Clark's to shut off our dockside power yet again.

We are chartered again next weekend on Saturday, but we will have sme room on Sunday and will have some spots open here and there until we close our 11' season Thanksgiving weekend.  Stay Tuned, hopefully we will have a fishing report to post again soon!
Saturday 10-22 Report - No Good!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:17
Had Alex Gionta charter the boat today for a combo trip. Started out jigging on some marks a little N and a little S of our inlet. No bites.

Ran up north to do some bottom fishing in the LB area, did a little blackfishing and made a few drops for porgies  from LB up tot he SH Reef - we found it VERY slow with ZERO pork chops and only a handful of tog making it to the boat. We also picked some out of season seabass, and one big silver eel as well as a couple of blowfish.

We put the jigs back on and headed south, looking for an afternoon jig bite, and found some birds working off SRI but they were just working on some taylor sized blues.

Ya gotta post the good as well as the bad, and today was simply NOT our day.  Back at it next weekend!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 10-9 Update... Porgies, Tog, Bluefish, etc!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 09 October 2011 18:10

Sun 10-9:  Had a half day trip today with Socks, Ryan H, Chris W, and Pat Sr and Jr. Original plan was to fish for blackfish close to home. Made 2 drops on our reef and caught a total of 1 short tog and a few seabass on the crabs. It was horrible.   With a flat calm ocean we ran north and made another drop in the LB area, and got a few real short tog. S current was running and we weren't catching much, so we ran further up the beach where we had the tog and porgies yesterday.

Got set up on a piece by ourselves and got into a few tog, as well as a nice steady pick of mixed sized porgies. The porgy bite was pretty good for a while so everyone switched over and we put some meat in the box.  Most of the guys boated at least 10 porgies and I even dropped a rig down for a while and boated a dozen.  Dropped quite a few too.

Had to be in @ 12 today so we called it a day early, but boated somewhere between 60-75 porgies and a few tog, with just 1 keeper. Some of the porgies were real jumbos, while we had quite a few smaller ones today with a good amount of shorts going back.  Good day w/ a great crew!!

Sat 10-8: Had Mark K charter the boat today for a mixed bag trip. Ran out the inlet and north and found birfs working just N of the inlet - found bluefish and small weakfish under the birds on 007 jigs and teasers.  Some real small weakfish no keepers and biggest blues were 1-2#.

We then Continued N and found some more birds and way too many boats @ the rocks - found loads of 4-7# bluefish but no bass... Jigged a bunch of them and kept 1 for the guys for the grill.  We then went a bit further north and made a few drops for porgies and tog and found an ok bite on both - easily limited on tog to just 16" and added some nice chops to 2# as well as several out of season would-be keeper seabass.

Only did that for a couple hours then went back to find a bass - no luck on the troll or on the jigs just more bluefish. Overall a good day lots of action for a great crew!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Saturday 9-24 Fluke & Bottom Report
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 24 September 2011 19:38
Had Larry, Fred, Evan, Craig, and Tommy aboard today for a "mixed bag" trip. The guys wanted to try for fluke to start out the trip, and then we would switch over to tog/porgies.  We ran north, found a nice heave out of the SE and fished a few spots off LB and Elberon for the fluke to start. We did have a few shorts, and Fred got one that was 17.5". After almost 2 hours of a very slow pick with loads of out-of-season short seabass we decided to switch over.

First drop was in 30' on some real nasty stuff, we had a few porgies and a few tog but the bite was very slow. We made another move to our north and after a few shifts got into a slow but steady pick of jumbo porgies with an occasional tog coming up. We also had several seabass in the mix, with some that would've been keepers if the season were still open - we even had a couple in the 2-3 # range - IT HURT throwing those back! We picked best here when we had the current and at the change, but after we lost most of the current the anchor line was pretty much slack and we had to use the motors to stay on the fish; we'd have a flurry of 4-5 then it'd die, and we'd repeat that every now and then.

One more drop yielded a few more porgies and tog, then it was off to finish off the day fluking. We were able to get a few more shorts, and Fred, who caught the first keeper of the year on Reel Class way back in June, caught the last keeper @ 20" to close out the day.

For the day we had a real nice mixed bag. We wound up with one full bushel basket of porgies (I didn't count them, Mike did), most of them in the 1-3# range and only one having to be measured, 4 keeper tog to 4#, 3 jumbo blowfish, 1 4' silver eel, and Fred's 20" fluke. We also boated ~100 seabass, with at least 20 of them being "keepers" if the season were opened - every one of them was released unharmed. The big swell certainly hurt the scup and the tog fishing today, but we still had a nice pick at times with them. Overall we had a good day of fishing and the guys went home with nice bags of fillets!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Sun 9-18 Blowfish & Bay Smorgasbord
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 18 September 2011 19:04
With the hard NE wind and a serious case of EARLY cabin fever setting in, I polled the crew yesterday to see if they wanted to go down Barnegat Bay to target blowfish and other bay "bottom" fish because of the hard NE wind that was a blowing and the 5-7'ers that awaited at the inlet - 4 of the 6 crew members obliged and we picked up 1 more and headed out at 7AM with all-stars such as Flukemaster Larry and Fred M onboard.

It took awhile to get down the bay, but after ~16 miles and over an hour riding time due to the no wakes in the upper bay we got to our destination behind Barnegat Inlet. We got anchored up, got the chum going and started catching some small blowfish right away as well as some snapper blues and too many 8-10" seabass and 1 small sheepshead taken by Fred.

This spot dried up quickly so we headed to a bit deeper water (9') and got the hooks in. This drop was much more productive as the blowfish were mostly in the "large" to "jumbo" size as well as a couple of kingfish and taylor sized blues.

We stayed with that drop till we called it quits after 1PM. We easily boated over 100 blowfish, if not more, and kept 47 of the biggest ones with only a few smaller ones going in because they were hooked deep. We also had about a dozen small bluefish mostly "taylor" sized , 2 nice kingfish, a load of small seabass and the one sheepshead. Most of the blowfish we kept were in the 8-12" range, with the biggest around 14" (we had about 10 that size) We had a productive day despite the hard NE wind, and the crew came home with nice bags of blowfish "drumsticks" for the fryer!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 9-10 Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 18:49
Had the blues bros fishing club charter the boat today along with 3 other boats from clarks landing (megan beth, andreas toy, fintastic). Plan was to do some bottom fishing while trying to mix in some fluking.

Started out on the AC and found dirty water and a ripping current and just a few short seababss. We then ran off to a wreck in 80' and got a couple more shorts, then we shot out to the east to drop on some good bottom 100-130' and found a handful of ling, seabass and 1 cod. Current was roaring out there but the water was a tad cleaner. We then shot back in shore to try for seabass and fluke and had just a few more seabass - but zero fluke. 20 oz wasn't holding w the current AND wind out of the NNE.

Very tough day for us as we just had a handful of ling and seabass for the box as well as some shorts and 1 cod. Fun day, and congrats to the crew on the fintastic for their big fish for all 4 boats a nice 15# cod!
Reel Class 9/1 Update Post-Irene
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 27 August 2011 15:48

9/1:  Reel Class is back in its slip at Clark's Landing and we are finally ready to start fishing again following Hurricane Irene.  Luckily we suffered no damage and the boat fared perfectly well!  Out of good faith, I cancelled the bottom trip on 8/30 and the FTYP trip on 8/31 due to the dirty water and unsettled conditions following the hurricane.  I couldn't take my fares out for a glorified boat ride to catch (hopefully) a few fish - so, we will be back at it shortly.  I start the other job tomorrow but we will be back at it next weekend fluking and hopefully getting one more shot at the seabass before it closes!!

8/26:  Today's FTYP was cancelled - Clark's Landing ordered all boats to be removed from the marina due to Hurricane Irene so we had the guys at the marina haul the boat out and block it until the storm passes - the boat was hauled around noon time on Friday.

8/25: Kenny and I had Bob Schmidt charter the boat with pops Kenny, Charlie, and Bob's kids Bobby, Nick, and Billy. These guys fished with me last year and did some major damage to the seabass population. They were limited to their days to fish since they rent a house in Lavalette so 8/25 was the only day they could fish - I gave them the options (reschedule or fish the river) and they chose the latter.

Our first move would be to run up to the N end of Barnegat Bay early in the morning to do a little worming for weakfish, kingfish, etc. but all we found up there was 1 lonely sea robin. We then ran back through the canal and fished upriver near the 70 bridge, and caught a few small white perch and croakers on sandworms, as well as a "just miss" fluke taken by Bobby which got him "big" fish honors and a new reel class t-shirt. We also caught what looked to me like a cross between a croaker and white perch - it turns out the fish was a SILVER PERCH (thanks to our friends @ NJFishing.com) aka sea or sand perch which are supposedly quite populous in areas just to our south, and are quite delicious.

We then switched over to fluking for the remainder of the day, and fished every nook and cranny in the river but only boated about 15 shorts. Gulp, live killies, whatever - the fish just didn't bite. Water was filthy, and the current was screaming. Nevertheless the guys had a GREAT time and already have their trip in the book for next summer.  (Pics are in the gallery!)
Reel Class/ Pt. Pleasant 8/24 Update - Cod, Ling, Seabass & More Fluke!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 20:50

8/24:  Had some of my friends from work, all teachers on board today. Tony, Sonia, Ani, Merin, Danielle and Colleen along with Michael and I. With the S coming on in the afternoon we fished the local stuff to our S for seabass and tog.

Made a total of 5 drops in 4 hours, and each produced some keeper seabass, LOADS of shorts, and a few tog. Most of the keeper seabass were real nice fish, over 14" with just a few "just" keepers topped by a 3#er and a few 2.5#ers.

At the end of the trip we boated ~75 seabass, with 20-25 keepers going in the box as well as 6 tog, 4 of which were keepers topped by a nice 3#er and one 4' long silver eel. Not a lot of bergalls, but lots of 8-12" seabass. Rods were bent all day, and everyone went home with some fish! Good trip!!

8/23:  Had Rich Comly charter the boat with his wife Toni, nephew Scott and his wife Becky for their annual summer charter. This year the crew opted to do some bottom fishing, so we shot out to the deep to fish in the 100-150' range targeting cod, ling, and seabass. A little sloppy early on, and we sat in the trough on anchor, but we picked away slowly at a mixed bag of keeper and throwback cod, mostly keeper seabass, and jumbo ling. We made a few shifts, tried a few other pieces, and continued to pick away. We also had a couple of short pollock and 3 short tog while sitting at anchor.

By noon time the wind let up and we went up on the drift, picking more at everything else including more keeper cod and a double header taken by Toni. Becky was on fire catching a few nice keeper cod, topped by the biggest of the day @ 11# with the assistance of Scott. Toni also "snagged" a 10# bluefish while reeling in her rig.  We tried a few other wrecks that had some life on them a week or so ago, but we only had a few more short cod to show for our efforts.

At day's end we had a real nice mess of fish, all quality: 18 keeper seabass to 3.5# (smallest 14"), 12 ling to 4#, and 10 keeper cod to 11# (taken by Becky) as well as one 10# bluefish. We also had about 20 short cod, 2 short pollock (both @ 14") and 3 short tog and 2 sea ravens one of which was big enough to make it to the fillet table. Great day, and the crew was wonderful and went home with huge sacks of fish!!!

8/22:  FTYP trip with Brian, Terry, Tom, Bill H, and Rich D. Started out locally, picked a few, then went north and had a very slow pick of mostly shorts w/ a keeper mixed in here and there as well as some seabass and taylor sized blues, as well as dogfish, birds, and a huge stargazer... Very tough day for us, just couldn't find em', too much current + wind in on the beach, and not enough bites off the beach... The guys all had some fillets to take home today but it was not nearly enough - only had 8 fish in the box all day long and had to cut the trip due to one of the guys not feeling so well... Biggest went to Brian witha 22"er taken early in the trip...
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 8-20 Update -- Fluke, Seabass, Mahi!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 20 August 2011 19:04
8/20:  Had Harry Sellinger charter the boat with his buddies Scott, Chuck, and Gary. The guys wanted to target BFT's and Mahi on the mid-range grounds.We left in the dark and got out past 30 miles by about 615 when we saw some chicks working an area, so we dropped the jigs but had no takers. We moved on to a well-known large floating object to the E, and found 3 boats on it but decided to take a shot and throw some sardine chunks at it, and quickly had 2 runoffs from some 20 pound class mahi but both busted off.

We continued S heading towards the GH - but found a knocked over high-flier, Kenny quickly threw some chunks on it and we instantaneously had 3 hook-ups, 2 with larger mahi and 1 with a chicken. We were lucky enough to get Chuck's to the boat which later weighed in @ 20# and the smaller fish, but busted off the other bigger fish.

We again continued S to work the pot markers/high fliers in the deep and found varying amounts of mahi on every pot we pulled up to - we did not continue on to fish the chicken or AP area since reports were dismal on the BFT. Some of the pots had loads of 2-5#ers, others had some bigger ones up to 8-10#, and others held nothing. On a few pots we had all-out blitzes with 4 and even 5 fish on at a time, while on others we only picked 1-2. We did have a couple of other larger fish on while working this string of pots but both, again lived to see another day as 1 got wrapped in the pot and another simply came unbuttoned.

By noon time we boxed a load and the guys wanted to go looking for some bigger fish, so we again shot back north to where we started and found the area vacant of other boats, so we threw chunks and had 3 fish on, all 10-15#ers, landing 2 while another came unbuttoned at boatside. By 2 the guys were mahi-d out so we started inshore, and found some fish blowing up on top, dropped the jigs, but came up empty.

Overall, an excellent day. No tuna for us, but more then enough Mahi bites all day long. Best part was that most of the fish were caught on spinning gear, circle hooks and chunked sardines. We only got 1 fish on the bucktail, Chuck's 20#er. At the end of the day we boated around 50 mahi, boxing around 40. There were no real small ones, most of the fish we kept were in the 3-6# range, with a few in the 10-15# range and Chuck's big one @ 20#. A memorable day, and lots of meat for the guys to take home!! Thanks for coming down!!
8/19:   FTYP trip with Cool Hand Al, Ryan, NJ Bob, Fred, and Craig.  Ran to the NE (the reef) where we’ve been catching fish for weeks, and had a few good drifts to start off the day with a slow pick but a few keepers in the mix with shorts.  Also dropped a lot of fish, and missed many.  We had 2 nice fish come off about 3/4 of the way up – heartbreakers!  I got a call of a bite up north, so we shot up there (leaving fish to find fish – doh!) but only came up with short seabass, 1 keeper, and some short fluke.  So, we shot back S to the reef and found a S wind coming on w/ strong S current; drift was 1-2 kts and we had to bump it up to 8-10 oz bucktails and 16 oz. of lead on the bait rigs.  No fish!  Made a move inshore to a lump and found less current, and more fish.  Picked 4-5 keepers there before it dried up.  Then moved down inside the AC reef and had a few more with Fred pulling his 4th keeper, the biggest of the day @ 23”.  Called it a day as the drift got way too fast and fishing just sucked @ 330.  Thought we only had a half dozen, but when I cut the fish I we had 9 keepers + 1 seabass – not too bad considering the horrible conditions and dirty water!
8/18:  Had Steve M charter the boat for his buddy Billy's bachelor party today... Billy is a die-hard fishermen (both fresh & salt) and wanted to spend the day on the salt, following today's full 8 hr trip with some time chasing walleyes and catfish up in NY state (which is where they're from).

Ran out to the NE where we've been catching the fluke for weeks, only to find a crazy amount of short fluke... Most of the fluke were real shorts, 12-15", nothing even close enough to measure... We were able to pick up some nice keeper seabass, and a handful of taylor sized blues but that was it... We made a move to our S to fish a few other spots but it was more of the same with the short fluke, and way too many clear-nosed skates, one of which took a liking to my left hand as I was unhooking it!! LOL

Overall the guys had lots of action boating upwards of 50 short fluke, but the keeping part was very tough today as we only came home with the seabass and some taylor blues. I'd like to say the SW, then W, then S wind had something to do with the lack of keepers, but whatever it was the bite with the better sized fluke seems to be off right now. The guys were a blast and we will be seeing them again this fall for a bass trip - tomorrow we're shifting gears and fishing a different area.
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 8-17 Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 19:03
Had Joe Schiavone charter the boat today w/ some buddies. Ran out east to look for the speedsters and bluefish and pushed out east, only to find puke green water as far as the eye could see. Plan B was to set up on some wrecks back to the West to target cod/ling and we did just that.

Making 4 drops on 4 wrecks in 120-220' we had a slowish pick on mixed size ling, some seabass, a load of short cod, and some nicer cod up to 24". There was a deep bottom current which made things difficult for the guys but they still picked away at some nice fish.

We finished up the day back inshore looking for some seabass, and found loads of 10-12"ers in the 30-50' depths up north with just a handful of keepers coming up.

At day's end the guys boxed a bunch of nice ling to 3# (didn't count but we had quite a few), the cod to 24", and a few nice seabass with the biggest being 15". Tough day, but we caught some fish and the guys got a few nice meals outta the trip! Back to the fluke tomorrow!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 8-14 Update - EXCELLENT Fluke Fishing Continues!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 14 August 2011 17:35

Sun 8-14:  No trip - cancelled due to weather!

Fri 8-12:  FTYP trip today with Flukemaster (formerly limestone) Larry, Fred M, Dom,Cool hand Al, Tommy and Todd. After some coaxing of the captain to change plans and fish where we got em a couple of weeks back by Larry and Fred, we headed to the rough stuff NE of our inlet and set up on last weeks numbers. Immediately, we had shorts and keepers flying + some nice seabass. We repeated this same line for the next several drifts getting between 1-5 keepers per drift. The action was never on fire, but it was a nice steady pick.

Once we lost the conditions we moved to some real sticky stuff to our north and continued, albeit at a slower pace but with nicer fish coming up. After losing a load of bucktails, we bounced around picking here and there.

A last ditch effort to land a slob was made at the end of the day working the edges of a couple wrecks, but we only pulled some shorts and another couple of keepers up.

By day's end the guys easily boated 100 fluke, boxing 35 keepers + a dozen seabass and 1 ling. Big fish went to Tommy @ 6.2#, and fred led the way with 10 keepers followed closely by larry who had 9. The other guys all boated their share for the box as well. Out of those 35, only 2 were just over 18", the rest were in that 19-22" bracket with roughly 8-10 fish in the 3-5# range. A terrific day, great weather, great crew, and an awesome day of bucktailing fluke!!!

Thurs 8-11:  Quick report today... Had Mike D charter the boat today with Tracy, Brett, Mike, and Nick for a half-day fluke trip. Most of the crew has never fished in the salt before so this was a first for almost everyone.

Started out on a lump just N of our inlet and had a slow pick of short fluke with an occasional keeper coming up + 1 nice seabass. The wind and current together had us moving an honest 1.5 kts and 10 oz. was skipping but the crew got past that learning curve and started catching.

We then made a move S to fish a few lumps inside the AC and down a bit further and caught fish everywhere we stopped, however the majority were short fish with the occasional keeper again coming up as well as another couple of nice seabass.

At trip's end the crew boated ~40 fluke as well as 3 nice seabass with 6 going in the box. All the keepers were those 18.25"-19" "cookie cutters" - nothing big today!

Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Weds 8-10 Fluke - Another Good Day!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 18:43
8/10:  Had a FTYP trip today with Bill H, Tony (who hasn't fished with me since we were in Chadwick!), and newcomers Emil, Bruce, Bill T, and Chris. Ran out to the NE today a few miles to our reef and found virtually NO life where we had it the last few weeks, just a few shorts. Decided to make a move and do a little change of scenery so we ran a bit north to fish the Asbury-Elberon Stretch.

We set up on some #'s we had fluke on a few weeks on an afternoon trip around a lump and had instantaneous action with shorts and a keeper here and there coming in the boat. We re-drifted the same area until 2PM picking a couple of keepers a drift as well as a good amount of shorts, and a sprinkling of seabass and the biggest spotted hake I've ever seen.At 2 the wind really started honking so we ran in on the beach to finish up the day, and still had some action in there picking at shorts and 1 more nice keeper.

When all was said and done we boated ~75 fluke, with 22 going in the box to ~5# taken by Bill T who was also high hook with 5. Emil had 4 nice ones, and the other guys all put keepers in the boat as well. 4 of the fish were in that 4-5# range, while the others were in that 18"-20" bracket. The guys also boated 2 keeper seabass as well as the 1 "ling" and a half dozen cocktail blues.

We had a very productive day as the guys all went home with a nice sack of fillets, and it was great having some new faces on the boat! Thanks for coming down today!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Saturday 8-6 Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 07 August 2011 06:52
8/6:  Had Tom & Scott Hill charter the boat today for their annual fluke trip. Along with them were Tom's sons TJ and Justin, and friends Joe Sr. and Jr.

Ran right back to where we had them yesterday and conditions were horrible. A steady, close, and annoying SE swell butted up against a little N current created zero movement, we were literally spinning - I stayed on the motors to try to keep us and the lines going in one direction and it worked for a bit. Scott was able to bang back to back 6.5# and 6# fish in successive drifts, but that was about it.

We did a little bouncing around, picking a few shorts, a few seabass, but it was never good. By 10:30 the S wind came on, and came on FAST. We went from no movement to entirely too much movement in a matter of maybe 20 minutes!
Before the drift got too fast, we picked a few more keepers, and some more shorts, topped by Tom's 6#er, but by noon time we had to drop down to 16 oz. to hold bottom. We made a few more moves, but never got a bite going again.

For the day the crew boated maybe 25 fluke, with 6 being keepers + 3 keeper seabass and 1 ling. 3 of the fluke were over 6# (6,6, 6.5) with the biggest being Scott's PB. For the day, we had maybe a half hour of good drifting conditions, literally! The crew as always was great, and made the day enjoyable - thanks for coming down guys!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Fri 8-5 Fluke - Good Day W/ Quality Fish!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 05 August 2011 19:22
8/5:  Had a FTYP trip today with Bud, John, Fred, Bob T, Bob, and Mike L. Broke the inlet around 630 and found a nice leftover heave out of the E from yesterday's mini-blow. Ran out to the N and E to where we had some fish at the end of July.

Made 2 drops on a lump and around a couple of wrecks, had zero bites. We the made a move N where we had the fluke beatdown the day of the PP elks and found horrible conditions - no drift, and a swell that sorta just spun us. Fred did manage 2 nice fish here, 1 20"er and a beautiful FAT 8#er that was only 26.5" long (fish was weighed on a handheld digital on teh boat). We worked this area, sorta grinding it out picking a fish here and there, a mix of shorts and a keeper or two every now and then.

This pick continued and when it dried up we had 6 in the box - but we made a move to look elsewhere to the S to find a few more. We settled in in an area we haven't fished at all this year and found a slow, but steady pick of shorts and some nice quality fluke. Most of the keepers we pulled out of here were over 20" - Fred had another right @ 7#, Bud had one just under 6, and John had two @ 6.2 and 6.75# - all real nice quality fish that were THICK.

We stayed with this until it was time to go home at 4. We wound up boating probably 40 fluke, with 16 making it to the box to Fred's 8#er + 2 chunky seabass and 1 ocean pout.  We had 6 fish over 5#, and only 2 of the keepers were "measurables" as they were both around 18.5". Overall it was a good day - 3 personal bests were broken today (Bud, John, and Fred - Congrats Guys!) and everybody caught fish. Aside from that this was a great crew and Kenny and I had a blast w/ them on the boat today!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 8-4 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 19:20

8/4:  Had Dan Newman and his son Eric come all the way down from Boston to fish with Dan's dad Dick who is from Point - the guys were heading back to Beantown tomorrow AM to catch the Red Sox/Yankees series @ Fenway. Yes, we had a boat full of Red Sox fans today!!Ocean was nasty due to the hard NE wind, and we were forced to stick to the river, so we broke out the trout rods, gulp, and little jig heads/bucktails to target the feisty river flatties. We fished the end of the incoming, slack high and outgoing, and had some very good action at the end of the incoming and slack water. Bites were almost constant, and we usually had 1-2 fish on at a time. Most of the fish however were 14-17", with some smaller, but with the 4-6# line everyone had a blast.

We even tried to catch an August striper by throwing artificials at some structure and the bridges but came up empty.

By trip's end, we had ~75 fluke boated, with 2 right @ 18" and one that shook off right as Kenny was ready to slip the net underneath that was easily 20". An excellent day action-wise considering the conditions - when you're given lemons, ya make lemonade, and that's what we did our best at doing today.  The guys will be back this fall for a bass trip - nothing like having Red Sox/Patriots fans on the boat in the fall with us Giants/Yankee fans!!
8/3:  Had Ray Linfante on with his regular crew for their annual 1/2 day fluke trip today. Ran back out to where we had them yesterday, and found NOTHING. Worked the area over, and caught a total of 3 skates and 1 short fluke.  Off to the south, to fish some areas we had some life at a couple of weeks ago, and found more of the same. We finally found a small patch a few miles south on a lump, and worked it over picking a few here and there. Only problem was that most of the fish we picked were in the 16-17.5" range, but we were able to pick 3 keepers to 3# there.

Made a few more moves, and found a couple more shorts, but it was very slow. At noon time we decided to head inside to give the river a quick shot before we called it a day, and boated ~30 shorts nothing bigger than 16".

Lots of action for the guys as we boated upwards of 50 fluke, but the keeping part wasn't good at all as we only had the 3 keepers in the 4 hrs we fished. I think the NE breeze today did something to shut the bite off outside as something simply wasn't right with the flukes on the ocean side today. As always Ray's crew was great, and they were a pleasure to have on the boat!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Tues 8/2 Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 18:26

Tues 8/2:  Back from vacation!  Had the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County on again for their second fluke trip of the summer. Their fearless leader, John T led the group along with Jim Z, Steve, and get ready, Dennis, Dennis, and Dennis.  Wow :)

Ran out to the east and north where we were catching them and found crappy conditions with the NW wind and wacky current. We were able to pick a few shorts, sea robins, and skates but there was no reason to stay there. Ran a bit further north to fish the real sticky stuff - found the same conditions but did get one nice keeper of 22".

I decided to take a gamble and run up north thinking we'd have good conditions up there w/ the NW wind, and we did, but every drop we made we were COVERED UP by 12-15" fluke - it was truly drop and reel fishing but the only problem was they were all river-size fish. We made 3 drops off LB, and 2 up at the rocks, and it was all the same with just one more nice keeper coming out.

At 12 I got a call from a buddy who "hung around" locally by our inlet and said he was doing well, so I decided to take another gamble and double back to the south. This move saved the day as we had a good pick of mostly nice fish the first 2 drifts, and after our drift crapped out, we still had a slow "keeping it interesting" kinda pick going.

We wound up boating ~150 fluke, if not more, with 10 being keepers. Jim led the way with 5 nice keepers to 5#. We covered A LOT of ocean today, caught a load of fish, and the guys each had enough for a dinner at day's end, and as always the SWABC guys were great and we'll be seeing them again soon!

(Pics are in gallery)
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 7/25 Update - EXCELLENT Fluke Fishing!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 25 July 2011 16:07

Sat 7/23:   Had Ryan Brian and Kenny on w me today for the PP elks tourney. Ran to some nasty stuff NE of our inlet in 60-75'. First drift - 5 quick keepers, all quality fish over 20 inches. We had similar action until around 9 when it slowed a bit - we had some awesome spurts where it was "drop and reel" and had some short lulls in the initial 2 hours when the fishing was GOOD. We pretty much pounded this area all day and caught fish in spurts - 2 here, 4 here, etc w some lulls.  We stuck it out in this general area waiting for that $$ fish but the best we could do was 7# (not too shabby!)

Brian bagged 2 nice fish early, one @ 7# and one over 6#. By 1130 we had our boat limit and kept that 1 slot open for a big one, but we never found that money winning slob.  Kenny had his double limit, I had 12 keepers, Brian had his limit an Ryan had 5 nice ones. Every fish in our cooler was over 19", and we had a load of those "cookie cutter" 3-5#ers. We wound up with 41 keepers keeping only our limit of 32 - great day by any standards!!  All fish were taken on Mai Tai bucktails tipped with a strip w/ a gulp or other softbait teaser.  Keeper wise, this is the best day we've ever had on Reel Class!

Fri 7/22:  Had "Spoonman" Scott A, Tom K, Fred M, Al,Erin, and Bill aboard for a ftyp trip. Ran north and off a bit to fish some snags in 60-75 feet. First few drifts were horrible as we had a tight se swell and no movement. After the first few drifts we got some movement going and a slow pick ensued. Wqe had a couple nice seabass come up as well as 1 keeper fluke.

After that area dried up we moved further north and found a couple more keepers and some shorts. We then made short move south to fish some real nasty bottom and got a very slow pick going with mostly keeper fluke. We hammered this area till 2pm and pulled several nice fish out topped by fred's 7#er. We also had a few in the 3-5 # rane plus one abt 6#. After the conditions changed, we moved further s and picked some more shorts before calling it a day.

We wound up boxing 20 keepers to 7# and 2 seabaSs. It was a real nice day on the water w a great crew - the bite was a grind but the guys came away w nice bags of fillets. Fred was on fire boxing his limit to 7#, and Tom also boxed 5 nice ones. Thanks for coming down guys!

Reel Class/Point Pleasant 7/21 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 21 July 2011 18:31

7/20:  FTYP trip today with Bill P, Bob C, Jeff, and Coach Dave. We were greeted by the thickest fog I've probably ever seen on the way out. It took us a solid 25 minutes from Clark's to clear the inlet - I aged 5 years on that ride. We had intentions of fishing further north but settled in on the rough stuff 4-7 miles NE of our inlet. First drift produced a quick 2 keepers and shorts, second drift we had more shorts and a nice seabass, the it dried up. We went on to check a couple more areas - and found some fish a couple miles N of where we started. More shorts here, but still picked a few keepers as well as a ling. We also spotted a "chicken" mahi swimming around the boat - didn't get that one.

We then moved further NE and got into a quick mahi "blitz" where the guys all hooked up with micro-mahi on their rigs, landing just 2 by Mike and Jeff. We held them around the boat for a few minutes but couldn't manage anymore - it was still cool seeing some mahi's inshore.  We then worked our way S again looking for more fluke picking shorts on a few more rough spots, then we wound up back where we started and finished up the day there was we boated another 5-6 keepers as well as a couple more seabass.

Nice day on the water, wound up with 14-15 keeper fluke to ~4#, 3 seabass (all 2-3#), 1 ling, and 2 chicken mahi. Wasn't too hot, and the fog lifted by 9AM - nice SE breeze kept us moving and kept us comfortable most of the day!

7/21:  Had John M charter the boat today with his son Brian and nephew Phil for a half-day shot at bluefish and fluke. Ran north, ocean was nice and visibility was almost 3 miles all the way up to the rocks... Started out jigging on some marks, and we hooked 2 quick bluefish, but lost both. The next 2 hours we were in search mode, dropping jigs on ridiculous marks but the fish weren't responding. Tried shads, krocs, tail-less ava's, etc. just couldn't get it going...  Ran in on the beach to finish up the morning fluke fishing, and had very good action with short fluke topped by 1 right @ 18" and a beautiful 3# seabass both taken by Phil. We finished up trying to chase down some more bluefish but it wasn't meant to be so we headed for the barn @ 1230.

You gotta post the good with the bad, and today was just one of those tough days. Nevertheless the guys had a great time and had some action, and we also beat the the heat as it was real nice out on the water, and a roaster at the dock!

Reel Class Monday 7-18 Fluke - Good Day!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 18 July 2011 19:48
7/18:  We initially had a seabass marathon scheduled for today but with the forecast for a hard SW or S wind I decided to change plans yesterday, and of course gave the 6 anglers on board an option to back out if they didn't want to fluke fish; we wound upw ith 5 of the 6 guys and left the dock this morning with "The Legend" Limestone Larry, Chris "OD", Coach Dave, Tommy and George K.

Ran south to fish the deep rough stuff. First drift we had a quick 3 shorts, but after running back over that "patch" we found nothing. Made a few shifts, found a couple of ling, a couple of nice 2# seabass, and a few short fluke. By 930 the current started screaming out of the S offshore, so it was time to make a decision on making a big move or a little move.

I opted to try in on the beach on some spots we fished quite a few years ago when we had more liberal size limits and the move paid off. Making several drifts in 35-45' of water, we had a very steady pick of fluke, mostly shorts, but enough keepers to keep it interesting. We worked this patch and area until around 1 PM, when we had picked 10 keepers to 21" out of it plus countless shorts, and quite a few of those ocean county clearnose skates.

@ 1PM the SE wind kicked in, the drift changed, and things slowed down. We made a move further S and had more life on another old spot where we picked a couple more keepers plus many more shorts.  We also had a small school of VERY FAST moving bonito flying through the crystal clear water - the 12" long variety that grill up real nice. Unfortunately we didn't get a jig in the water till they were long gone.

Overall a good day with a great crew - of course the keeping could've been better but the guys easily boated 20+ fluke each. We easily boated 150 fluke, if not more. George kept count, and said he had 42 by himself including a couple double headers. We wound up with 12 keepers to 21", 2 nice seabass, 2 ling, and a few taylor sized blues. Larry was HH (tied with me!) with 3, and the other guys went down from there and OD had the "big" fish @ 21".

Reel Class Fri 7/15 Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 16 July 2011 06:02
7/15:  Had Bill P, Bill H, Brian, and Rob aboard for a FTYP trip. Ran north, beautiful ocean again with a NW breeze. Got up to the spot in 40 minutes and had a very slow pick to start. Moved inshore, and found a lot more life at the same area we had the 30+ keeper days a couple of weeks ago - just today we had 1 keeper there.

Made a move back out to a high rocky spot and had one real good drift where we bagged a load of shorts, a few nice keepers plus a few nice seabass. When we went up for our second drift, we lost the breeze, and conditions deteriorated quickly. We went from 1.2 or so to .2 in a matter of no time and even though we were catching, we had mostly shorts.  We then Made a few moves working further off the beach out to the deep, but only had a few more shorts, a seabass here and there and a ling. By 1PM the south wind started so we went back to where we had them earlier since we had some movement, but we came up with just a couple of bites.

We then worked our way south, and fished a lump off LB for a couple of shorts, then got a call from a buddy (my flounder sharpie Shelby!) who had a few in closer. This move pretty much saved the day as we had a good pick of shorts with a handful more keepers thrown in. Stayed out an extra 45 minutes to give the guys a good crack at a few more keepers.

We easily boated close to 100 fluke today, with probably 30% of the shorts being 17.25-17.9999" - which was unbelievable. We did scratch out 8 keepers, and had a few nice seabass and a ling for the box. There was an alarming amount of near misses today, more then I can ever remember. Also, a lot of spots that usually hold bigger fish are inundated with shorts some as small as 8"!!  Overall a good day with great company, Bill H had the biggest fish of just about 3# and 20". No reports till Monday - hope everyone has a great weekend
7-14 PM Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 21:49
7/14:  Had one of my regulars Scott Allison charter the boat today with his daughter Tamara and his buddy Hans. With the NNE wind, we pushed the start time back till 12 noon and made it a PM trip.  When we broke the inlet just past noon we found a beautiful ocean with a 2-3 foot chop. We rode up north and got set up in no time. First few drifts when we had the NNE wind we were catching good, a few keepers as well as a bunch of shorts. Once that wind started dropping out, it seemed we almost lost the bite.

Ran offshore, then back inshore, into a few rockpiles, and only managed a good amount of shorts as well as some seabass with a couple being keepers. I was able to catch a seabass just under 4# (weighed on a certified scale!) on a teaser - we also grabbed a ling on the rough stuff.   Scott also had something BIG grab a fluke he hooked - he got the fish up maybe 5 turns with his bucktailing spinning rod and suddenly something grabbed it and took off - the fish was surfacing but the reel was getting spooled and Scott couldn't turn the fish, after a minute or so, the line broke. Thresher? Could've been.

We went back offshore, saw a GIANT sea turtle, and picked a few more. We then finished the day back inshore with a lot more short action.  It seems we had a load of shorts today, and most of the keepers were just @ 18" with the biggest going 21". Wound up with 7 in the box - great afternoon trip with a fun crew. Back at it bright and early tomorrow
Reel Class Mon 7/11 Fluke Report
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 11:06
Had Bill (LavaOB), Doc, and Brian A aboard with Kenny and I this morning for a half-day fluke trip. We left the slip @ 645 and ran south to a local spot where we've been doing pretty good since last Thursday.  First couple of drifts were pretty good - had some nice short life and a few nice keepers right away. Brian nailed a nice 5# on the dot fish on the second drift. As the WSW wind waned, the bite ground to a halt. What was an OK pick became an extremely slow pick.

We bounced around, fished different rockpiles and high spots, and only produced shorts. A lot of the spots that produced keepers and a good quantity of nice fish last week and over the weekend only yielded shorts.  We wound up moving further south, and fished some more piles picking away at more ling on the bucktails and some shorts with a keeper here and there, and a few seabass topped by a beautiful 2#er taken by Brian.

We called it a day just after 12:30 with about 25 fluke landed, only 6 going in the box, as well as 16 ling (again in the 2-3# range) and 1 keeper seabass as well as some others that just missed. Fun day with some good fishermen, the catching part wasn't that good but the guys went home with some nice bags of meat!!
Reel Class 7-10 Weekend Reports Fluke-Seabass-Ling
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 18:40

7/9:  Had the Tom Rizzo charter on today for a mixed bag bluefish-bottom-fluke trip...Started out chasing the taylor blues just outside our inlet and jigged up about a dozen with 1 double header coming by Heather. After we finished up w that we headed south to do some bottom fishing. A lot of nice chunk 2-3# ling and a few seabass were in the mix.

Next it was onto fluking to finish up the day. Made 2 drops on the deep rocks and 2 in on the beach. Both produced a slow pick, but we were able to pick 4 keepers out of the shorts. Frank dropped a nice 4-5 # fish just before it got to the net.  Overall a good day action wise - we wound up with around 25 ling, a few seabass, a dozen small blues and the keeper fluke. Great crew - they will be back this fall to chase the gators and albies.

7/8:  FTYP trip today with Limestone Larry, Jon, Chris"OD", Rob, Fred and PA Pete... Decided to stay closer to home with the bad weather on its way and we had a solid day... Fished some rockpiles and wreck edges S of our inlet and had a slow but steady pick of short fluke and seabass, a healthy mix of keepers and ling on the bucktails and teasers.

It was an all day grind but by the end of the day we boxed 12 keeper fluke to just under 5#, 16 ling, and 6 seabass. Larry took the big fish @ 4.85 #, and Fred was HH w 5 keepers. Great crew, lots of laughs and chop busting all day long- rain held off till we got back to the dock! Thanks for coming down guys!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 7/7 Update - Mixed Bag!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 18:27
7/7:  Had regular Tom Kreibel charter the boat today for his buddy Dennis' retirement gift. Aboard with Tom and Dennis were George, Clayton, Dave, and Kenny. The plan was to mix it up with seabass-cod-ling then finish the day fluking.

A few quick drops in 65-85' produced short seabass and a handful of keepers. No ling or cod.

We made our way out to 100-120' depths and we had better action with a mix of cod and seabass, but still no ling. Cod were mixed in size from shorts to barely keepers (biggest 22"), and seabass were from shorts up to a few nice 1.5-2# ers as well as one jumbo sea raven. I was able to get on the bow and drop a jig down for the cod - I was able to hook 8, boated 4 - a simple AVA 67 w/ a green tail did the trick; I dropped one that I got a few cranks off that wouldn't budge!! ... Can't believe I was jigging cod in NJ in July! By 11 we ran back inshore for a shot at some fluke.

Back inshore by 1145 we finished up the day fluking S of our inlet on some rough spots in 65-80'. Fair action with the fluke on a few spots, while others produced more fish. Also had more seabass mixed in. I think we pulled 7 keepers up to almost 5# - Tom I believe was HH with 3-4 keepers and also had a double header cod/seabass.

Overall another good day with a nice mixed bag - beat the T-storms and had some fish for the box. We wound up with the 7 keeper fluke, roughly a dozen seabass, and the codfish as well as the raven as well as a handful of cocktail blues. It was great having Tom and his boys aboard!!
4th of July Update - EXCELLENT Fluke Fishing!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 04 July 2011 07:16

7/3: PPD Shark Trip Due to WX!

7/1:  Had George Wilson and Andy S from NJFishing as well as Chris W his son Mike and Butch S with his son Braden on for a FTYP trip. Ran N again and set up where we had them yesterday - most of the crew elected to start by dragging bait and we had immediate action - loads of fluke with some nice keepers in the mix right away. We worked the same general area and kept the pick going until we lost the drift.

We made a few more wiggles and found more, but the steady pick we had slowed a bit. Around lunch time we ran offshore a bit to fish a rockpile in 50' and found some much nicer fish - we had a handful there in the 4-6 # range topped by. 7.5 #er.We then ran back inshore to finish the day where we had the crazy bite yesterday afternoon but the bite was dominated by more shorts but we scratched out 2 more.

By days end we easily boated 150+ fluke if not more and boxed 31. Plus a few seabass. Another excellent day of fluke fishing - ya can't beat this right now!

6/30:  Had the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County on today for a FTYP trip. Ran up north and found a brisk NNW wind - started in around 50' off LB and had a steady pick of short fluke. Made 2 more drifts and did the same thing so we made a move further north and offshore. Drift was WICKED fast with a N current coupled w/ the NNW wind, so we shifted in shore to get out of the current and get out of the wind a bit. Found a good pick again in around 30-45' this time we had keepers in the mix. Got 1-2 a drift, which made for a nice steady pick. By lunchtime, the wind dropped out and we switched the guys over to bucktails, and continued to catch.

At 1:30 or so the wind became "light and variable" and we started drifting all over the place, so we shifted offshore to the deep and the S wind started blowing a bit, coupled w/ that N current so we had a dead-on wind against - but we had a few bites topped by Walter's 28" 8.2# mini-doormat, but that was it. Back we went inshore to some #'s we caught fish at last week and it was game on - drop and reel for the next hour with a 50/50 mix of keepers and shorts, several fish over 4#. We stuck with this till it was time to go home - great bite and it was great to leave them biting.

Called it a day just after 3 and when we got back to the dock we had 33 keepers in the box plus 1 seabass. We had 6 fish over 5#, alot of those cookie cutter 3-5#ers to top off the box with the bigger fish and a bunch of 19-21" fish as well.  Congrats to Walter with his 8.2#er - he also had his limit as did Dennis N. Dennis "the breather" had 7 keepers and John T had 6. It was a terrific way to start the summer with a great group of guys - thanks for coming down!!!!
Reel Class/Point Pleassant 6/26 Update - Fluke & Bass
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 27 June 2011 05:18
6/26:  Had Chris Scully charter the boat today for his buddy Elliot's bachelor party. The guys had no experience in saltwater fishing so they wanted to try a little variety of things to get a little taste of what we have down our way.

Broke the inlet @ 730 and ran up the beach, first drop was off LB in the rocks where we had some short fluke and seabass. A couple of more wiggles in that area produced more shorts but the drift slowed and the catching stopped. We then ran further north, made a few drops, then out to the deep. We made a couple of drifts out there before the current started ripping, and caught a few shorts. By our 3rd drift the current was ROARING out of the N, and we couldn't get anything to hold bottom.

We then ran back inshore, and fished the shallow stuff, only to find more shorts as we bounced around different depths and rockpiles. Back out off the beach again, the current slacked off slightly and we were able to pick up a handful of nicer fish on bait rigs - 8 oz. bucktails were getting bites as well.

Back south we got into some seabass on a rockpile, and picked away at more fluke in on the beach but they were all shorts. By 3PM it was time to switch over to bass so we found a pod of bunker S of SRI, got a few baits for the well, and went to work. Started out in the deep 2.5 miles off, no shakes - then ran back in on the pods and had 3 runoffs, and boated 1 fish @ 615PM which was a beautiful fish in the mid 30#'s taken by Chris.

LONG day, we put in almost 12 hours and got the guys some meat to take home. S swell and current certainly tempered the fluke bite, but the fish are there and when conditions improve we should get back into em good. Great group of guys, and congrats to Elliot on his upcoming wedding!
Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant 6/11-6/12 Flukin'
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 12 June 2011 18:17

First weekend fluking this season, and had mixed results.  Reports are below.

6/11 JCAA Fluke Tournament:   Mike Reynolds (Sharkyispy) from the board and I got a crew together for today's JCAA tournament a few months ago. The crew consisted of Larry H, Scott A, Ryan H, Pete P, and Fred M. Broke the inlet @ 615 and found a steady E breeze of 15 kts and honest 3-4' seas close together. We slugged our way north and started off off Deal, and found no life in the deep. Worked inshore, and found a few shorts in 40', then ventured further N to the snags off Elberon and LB.

Found a steady pick of fluke in the rocks mostly on bucktails with strips and gulp teasers - even w/ the wind our drift was "ok" at 1 kt. Lots of bites, lots of action, and keepers mixed in w/ the many shorts we took. We jockeyed around the shallow stuff, then went into the deep and continued to pick. By around 10 we had several keepers in the box, so we were off to look for that "big" fish that could get us the port prize in PP.

Shortly after that, the bite we had died completely - the fish we were pulling up all morning were warm, but after that point the fluke we boated were ICE COLD. The one thing that "changed" was the wind kicked up a notch when the bite stopped, and the ocean got flat-out sloppy w/ some 6's thrown in w/ the 3's and 4's.
We then worked the deep rocks, some ridges/hills, mussel beds, and just couldn't find that one fish. By 1PM we worked our way back towards home, and hit a few high spots, only to find more shorts - we even ventured out to some snags E of our inlet, and picked away slowly again and got our biggest fish of the day taken by Ryan.

We wound up with 10 keepers (thought we had more) to 22". The guys were fantastic and fished hard all day in the nasty ocean, and Mike did a great job setting up the trip and getting the group together. Thanks Mike!!

6/12:  Quick report for today... Had John Kuhles charter on for his second straight Sunday trip. After last Sunday's bass massacre w/ John and crew it was gonna be tough to top that today.  The crew decided to fluke fish - so we went north. Much nicer conditions today with 2-4' seas and a groundswell from the NE. Got up north, and set up where we had the "good" bite yesterday morning in about 55' off LB. Lines got in, and they took off - ROARING current out of the N coupled with the brisk early morning NNW wind put our drift at 2.9 to 3.7 kts on the GPS!!  After 5 mins. we got the heck outta there.

Ran in on the beach, and had to fish in real tight where we could keep the drift under 1.5, and we had a slow pick for a couple of hours of short fluke mixed in with a few of keepers here and there. Once that NNW laid down, we tried off the beach again, but the current was still wicked so we finished our fluking on the inside with a couple more.  Switched over to seabassin and made some drops closer to home, again to find that crazy current where the guys had to put 10 oz. on to stay vertical across the transom. Again, slow pick, a good amount of short bass and some that were close. Lots of bergall life on the pieces as well.

Checked out the bunker pods on the ride in - NG!

Tough day for us, we need that NW wind again!
Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant 6-4/6-5 Reports - Bass Mayhem!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 06 June 2011 05:30

6/5:  After hearing report after report on how good it was yesterday afternoon I had to coerce today's charter to move it to the afternoon. John Kuhles and his crew obliged and we met at noontime ready to target some slob bass. John brought Bill, Darren, and Greg K (Proteus) aboard for the trip.  Ran south, got into bunker off Mantoloking, and filled the wells quickly. Greg hooked a beautiful fish, our first of the day moments later on a live bait - that fish turend out to be our biggest and it dropped a scale to just over 40#! We got a call from Max from Andrea's toy to shoot south as it was going off, so we did that. More bunker down there, and we had a few runoffs and a couple more fish. At this point it was maybe 2PM....

Right after that, my other deckhand Michael who is also a PPB police officer called to tell me that it was GOING OFF up off Jenks, so we hightailed it back north.  On the way, we found a pod of bunker getting demolished by bass in tight to the beach - we got in there, and had instant bass on both live baits, dead baits, and plugs. We stuck with these fish for awhile, until a load of boats showed, then we headed north, finding another pod getting annihilated by monster bass. On this pod we continued catching slob bass, as the bass were knocking bunker clear out of the water, and were exploding with whitewater all around us. It was insane!!! This particular pod got pushed right in on the beach, and we stayed with them for maybe a mile, until they got pushed down by yet more boat traffic.

Around 4PM we hopscotched north of our inlet and again found fish BLOWING UP from Sea Girt up to Belmar. Readings were insane. At this point we were out of live bunker - but it didn't matter. These fish took dead, cut, etc as well as plugs with reckless abandonment. We were simply stopping on readings, throwing plugs and dead bunkers, and still catching 2-3 fish a drift.  Highlight of the day was a football field of bass and bunker creating havoc right in front of the E&S in Spring Lake - fish were everywhere just destroying the bunker!!! (I will post pics from Kenny's camera)

Called it a trip by 7PM as we were simply exhausted. We easily boated 30+ bass, every one of them was over 25#; most were in that 25-35# cookie cutter range, but we had several over 35# topped by Greg's big fish. John was on fire with his 20 year old yellow swimmer, he must've hooked at least  a dozen fish himself.  I even snuck up to the bow and nailed 4, biggest going 37# on swimmers and poppers - even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes!!  We easily boated 20 of those fish on plugs - pencils, darters, swimmers, and regular poppers while the rest were boated on live or dead bunker. Out of the 30+, we kept 9, releasing the rest of the fish to fight another day, nice and healthy.

What can I say - this trip was one of the top 5 bass trips I've ever had and will go down in the books as a great bass trip catching big slobs!!! John and his crew were fantastic, and they will be back on Reel Class next Sunday!!! Thanks again guys!!

6/4:  Had Kenny Caleca's charter on board today. His crew consisting of some of our other regulars wanted to take an early shot at the bass, then spend some time fluking and seabassin before we called it a day early as Kenny had a commitment yesterday afternoon as did I.  No problem getting bait in regards to the bunks - they were stacked and we filled both wells in 25 minutes. Ran south because I saw less boats there LOL as up north it looked like the biggest mosquito fleet ever on the radar and with the binocs. Down there we rode around, checked out some spots, put the livies in but came up with nothin.

Got a call there was a little bite in the deep off SRI so we went up there - boat traffic dwindled and we had a few runoffs, once fish had the hook pull right at the boat and another was dropped. Shortly thereafter, with our time constraints the guys wanted to try fluking and we hopped on a few "local" hills and had surprisingly good action - my mate Kenny got the first keeper on the boat this year @ 23"/4.5#. Jimmy also nailed a nice keeper there and we had a couple other right @ 18" along with a good amount of shorts.

We then shifted back S to target seabass, and found one piece where we read them like crazy - first drop it was real quick action with some keepers going in, but it quickly shut off. Hopped around to a few other pieces, and only had a few more - screaming N current made it tough to drift and when we went up on the hook that light S swung us off.

Finished the day back in on the beach, off Bay Head and Mantoloking. We had half a crew fluking, half a crew livelining. Quite a few more short fluke, and loads of bunker.  Got in the inlet, and the calls started coming once we were at the dock - "It's going off!!!" ...Right where we left the bunker LOL ...Not our day, we did wind up with some nice fluke in the box and we boated ~20 seabass. The guys were great as always and they will be back this summer for some flukin'...
Mid-Week PM Bass
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 26 May 2011 05:20
Derial Sanders was on for with his son Brian and brother John for a quick shot at the bass "after work."  Making bait was easy, so we set up and by 4:30 were fishing live bunkers in the pods.  Bites were few and far between early, until we took a little ride offshore and found some bass on top.  What would happen thereafter was a slowish bite - we'd get a couple of runoffs, hook a couple, drop a couple, and land a handful.  By 7PM, the bite slowed to a halt, so we kept looking.  By 7:45, we got the word of a bite a few miles north, raced up there, but unfortunately missed it as we only had a couple more runoffs.  We missed A LOT of fish tonight, I'd say our hook up ratio was in the 30% range, if not lower as we had roughly 15 solid runoffs.  Brian was able to get his largest fish ever, a nice fat bass of around 44" and weighed an even 30#.  The guys were able to go home with some nice big bags of fillets but it was frustrating to miss so many fish.  We will be back at it over the weekend if the weather allows!
Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant 5/22 Weekend Wrap Up - Bass to 40#!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 23 May 2011 05:10

5/21:  Had Jimmy Fells and his boys Kenny G, Kenny C, Shades, Ralphy, and Cubby on board today for another shot at the bass. Broke the inlet early and found the pea soup, but it quickly broke and we were able to get some live bunkers in the well - it wasn't easy but we got roughly 2 dozen baits. First snagged bunker actually yielded a couple of monster bluefish on the snags - the guys sent down live baits quickly thereafter and the bites started immediately.

Bites were real weird today, fish were picking the bunker up, playing with it, then dropping it. After we got a call (Thanks Dan!) that there was some more life a little bit to our south, we finally got into the fish. I was able to get up to the bow and nail a nice 25# fish on a live bait, and the bites continued at a slowish pace. We picked one bass, another, dropped a few, had a few bites, etc.

Around noon, I decided to take a ride S and found a few fish busting on top, and as I was slowing the boat, the ocean erupted as about 3 acres of bass were BLOWING UP off the bow; cannon balls falling from the sky, bunker flying out of the water, etc. We got the boat right on the edge, got 5 or 6 baits in, and got 5 or 6 real quick bites. At this point we had a few livies, but chunks, heads, and dead bunkers all drew bites. This wide-open bite lasted at best 5 minutes, but we made the most of it!  We got every one of those fish to the boat as well, topped off by the last one, a nice 48"/40# slob taken by Jimmy which only had a couple of bunker in its gullet, if that fish was a "fat" 48" it would've pushed 50#.

After that, we went up on the troll, and didn't even get a knockdown. We went back to chunks later on, and again just had a few small bluefish for our efforts.  Overall a terrific day - we wound up with 8 nice bass and a few bluefish, most were in that cookie cutter 20-30# range, but Jimmy had the big fish (pic is below, and it doesn't do him justice as Jimmy is a big dude @ 6'4"!). Everybody got fish to the boat today, including Shades, which made it even better!

5/22:  Had Dave, Shelly, Bud, Joe, and Alan aboard for a bass trip... Ran south early to load up on bait, and did that. Ran a bit further south where we had them yesterday and a few bites, with a couple of fish.. Boat traffic was RIDICULOUS - lost a GOOD fish due to another boat cutting it "too close"

Ran north to check things out, had a couple more runoffs, and finally found a little life up near Asbury and had a handful of bites on live bait, mostly big bluefish but we were able to get another smaller bass..Finished up trolling, only had more bluefish and a couple of other knockdowns...

Wasn't our day today, only a few bass and a bunch of bluefish. Biggest bass was ~20#, smallest was 32". Bluefish were all big spring racers in the 10# range. Highlight was Shelly decking his first bass every - congrats to him! [Smile] (Pics will be on website)
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Saturday 5/14 Jersey Cod & Jumbo Bass!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 15 May 2011 08:39

Saturday 5/14: Had the Fred Monaco charter on today for what was supposed to be a bass trip. Got an early start breaking our inlet prior to 630 and went on the search for birds, bait and bass, but found nothing, so off we went to the east to get back on the codfish.

Set up on the same numbers we finished up last week. Drift was around .5 with the S wind blowing a steady 10 kts or so (it was this way all morning). First rig down was rocked by a keeper cod, and in the first drift we boxed roughly a half dozen. After the second drift, we had about a dozen in the box. We pretty much did the same drift all morning just slightly changing our line and we continued to pick away. I was able to sneak up to the bow a few times and was able to land 4 nice cod on a green tailed 47. The guys in the cockpit were busy with 2-3 fish on at a time, and sometimes we had 4 on at a time. Early on the cod were bigger fish, mostly over 25", but as the morning wore on the fish got smaller and the pick slowed down. By noon time, we had 37 keepers in the box with maybe a dozen throwbacks. We made a few shifts but couldn't get them going again. So, we ran back inshore to look for the bass.

After making some phone calls, we got the word that there was a bit of a troll bite going on down towards IBSP so we went there. Put the spoons and stretches in, and had about 5 knockdowns; we landed 2 of the bass, one @ 33#/45", and the other 28#/42".

We finished the day with 37 keeper cod to ~12#, 1 ling, and 2 nice big stripers. The cod bite overall was a bit "slower" today, however this was as great trip GREAT by NJ standards, but they are still around in good numbers! This was a terrific day with an great crew and they will be back in the near future! Thanks again for coming down today guys, great job today!

Sunday 5/15:  Trip cancelled due to weather.
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 5-8 Weekend Wrap-up! Cod & Bass!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 08 May 2011 21:04
Sunday 5/8:  Had Socks, Dave W, Ryan H, and Scott aboard today for an open boat trip. With the lack of bass bites yesterday I asked the guys last night if they would like to do a little change of pace and go offshore to target cod, they obliged, and this morning off we went. First drop was on a high spot in about 120' and we had some nice life right away with some cod in mixed sizes coming up, as well as a few pout and one jumbo sea raven all making it to the box. We also boated a pollock of 12" as well. After about a half hour and a shift around the piece, we got covered up by dogfish.  When the wind dropped out, we went up on the drift and had a slow pick.   A move a few miles south yielded no bites, while a few drifts in a debris field of a wreck got us a few more cod both shorts and keepers.

We then moved to another rockpile/debris field and finally found what we were looking for. Drifts over the piece were yielding mostly keeper cod in the 23-27" range, as well as a few ling. By noon time, the fishing started getting flat-out ridiculous, we had 2-4 rods hooked up at a time with keeper cod flying over the rails! Mike and I were gaffing fish almost constantly as the guys were rebaiting and getting the rigs back down.

We easily boated 75 codfish, if not more, and KEPT 40 (give or take a couple) as the 125 qt. cooler was completely filled to the brim!! All the fish we kept were over 23" and the biggest was about 12#. We also had 6 ling (mostly jumbos), 6 pout, and the fat sloppy sea raven which made it to the fillet table as well.   What a day... I would've never dreamed we'd be catching cod, quality cod like this in NJ waters 5 years ago - this was a day for the books and we could've easily kept catching until dark if we wanted. Ryan, Dave, and Socks all estimated they had at least 20 cod each with most of them being over 21", while Scott came on late and bagged another 10 while Mike and I each put a few in as well. This is one for the books and let's hope these codfish keep coming back!!!
Saturday 5/7:  Had the Scott Zupnik Charter on Saturday morning for a shot at bass. Ran north, got into some reads up around the hook and young Scott decked his first ever bass, a nice fish of 31" on a kroc. After that fish, we saw nothing. Ran back south, and got into the tail end of a troll bite and put another nice 20# fish on ice while missing a few others.

Switched back to jigging, then back to the troll, and so forth as we worked our way back, but we couldn't manage any more fish. Water first thing was 44* but went up to around 50 by the end of the trip. Scott and his crew were awesome and worked hard all day even though we could only produce a couple of fish for them.
Reel Class/Point Pleasant Sunday 5/1 Bass
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 01 May 2011 17:48
Had Jimmy Fells charter the boat with Ken, Chris, Cubby, Mook, and Dave. Broke the inlet at 630 and found a beautiful ocean. Ran north, waaaaay north.

First stop though was right outside SRI where we had some great marks, but they didn't bite in 2 drifts. Next stop was the rocks, just lots of bait, so we ran up quite a bit further to the north and found some scattered bait and a few fish marks. Worked this area for a good portion of the day. Mook got the first fish of the day early, but that was it for hours. We rode around, burnt fuel just looking - we'd read them, set up on them, but the guys just came up empty.  Finally around 1:30 we found some good readings on the bottom and we had 1 keeper on a kroc, and also had a few follows to the boat but no takers. Also had a few fish on top. We stuck with this for a good portion of the day because these fish turned on yesterday afternoon - today: no good!

On the way home, stopped on some readings and caught crapola.  Very tough day, just 2 fish ALL DAY LONG. Jimmy and the guys were great but I hate coming home with pretty much nothing. Back at it next weekend hopefully these fish wake up and get the feedbags on again.
Reel Class/Point Pleasant GOOD Friday (4/22) Bass & Flounder!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 22 April 2011 20:31
First trip of the year for us today and we had a full boat with Gary, Frank, Alex, Jeremiah, Dave W, and Ryan H aboard. Our gameplan was to shoot outside and head north to find those jig fish.

When we cracked the inlet at 645 the ocean was big and nasty due to the cranking NNE going 15-20, we buried the bow completely about a half dozen times in honest 6-8' footers - I gave the guys the option to tough it out or to go in the river and flounder fish and WAIT IT OUT; we did the latter. Made one drop at the tide change and had 4 bites, landing 2 flounder to 15". We made one more drop before my phone started ringing so we shot back outside and headed north.

Ocean was much nicer when we broke this time and it was a "nice" 3-5' chop - as we went north it laid down even more. We ran around a dozen miles and got into the fish just inside the 3 mile line. Making long drifts and bouncing Jersey Jay's 5 oz. krocs we got into a slowish pick of nice fish in the 32-37" range. Gary got the first bass of the year on a green tailed 67 - the only one on a jig taken today.  Once that dried up we went looking inshore and found some gannets working, and had one quick shot where we nailed a few fish, then it was back offshore to the reads where we put a few more keepers in the box.

As the afternoon went on the bite slowed considerably, and it crapped out even more when the SE kicked in. Nevertheless, we wound up boating a total of 9 bass, all keepers topped by Ryan's first fish of the year which was in the 20-25# range and had a couple of whole bunkers in its gullet. The bass seemed to be ON the bottom, right where we were reading the bait. Good day for us, as Frank and Ryan both got their 2 fish limits and the other guys caught well as well. Got back to the dock around 5 with the 9 bass and 2 nice flounder in the box. Real nice opening day for a great crew!!! Thanks for coming down guys!!!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 4/18 Update!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 17 April 2011 17:07

Finally got Reel Class in the water this weekend and we brought her up the Metedeconk into her slip at Clark's Friday afternoon after the new props were installed.  She ran great, and all systems were a "go."  We were scheduled to run a flounder trip Saturday but scrapped it due to the gale force E winds - we will be back at it this Friday 4/22 for our FIRST trip of the season.

We still have room on our SATURDAY 4/23 Open Boat trip; we will most likely be targeting flounder and then possibly making a few drops outside for cod/tog.  If bass show up this week, we of course will be targeting them.  The open boat page is updated, so if you are interested in another trip feel free to check it out!

Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant 4/12 Update!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 17:57

We are 2-3 days away from splashing the boat and we should be in by Friday...  With the crappy weather forecasted the next day or so I decided to get the propellers re-conditioned... We're also still waiting on the new enclosures which should be on the boat once the weather breaks...

Otherwise, Reel Class is painted, "spring cleaning" is done, the wash/wax thanx to Kev at Quigley Marine is done, and the gear is ready to go...  By Friday, the next pictures you guys will see of the boat IN the water!

Check the open boat page out for all open boat dates in April/Early May - FTYP and Seabass marathon trip dates are also posted!
Reel Class/Point Pleasant 3/20 Update!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 08 January 2011 12:19

We have started working on the boat, and should be in the water in a couple of weeks.  Right now we have a few more small jobs to do, a few little odds and ends, and we should be set for the 2011 Season.

Our seasonal schedule plays out like this:

April - Stripers & bottom fishing (cod, ling, tog)

May - Stripers & bottom fishing (cod, ling and if open, seabass)

June - Stripers, bottom fishing (cod, ling, and if open, seabass), & FLUKE.

July - Fluke & SEABASS

August - Fluke, Seabass & Porgies, Speedsters/Bluefins

September - Fluke (if still open), Bluefish & Speedsters, Seabass-Porgies-Tog

October - Stripers-Bluefish-Speedsters & Seabass-Porgies-Tog

November - Stripers & Tog/Seabass/ling

December - Stripers & Tog/ling/cod

*We will also be mixing in some BLUEFIN trips in the summer.

We are booking CHARTERS for all above species for the 2011 season.  For all charter DETAILS, just go to the CHARTER INFORMATION page.  All rates are updated for the coming season; we also have some great winter deals for charter/open boat trips!  There are a lot of prime dates taken, however there are still plenty left for the taking!

Right now, most weekends in May are taken, as well as the weekends in June for the spring bass run - however there are still dates available!!  However, we have plenty of dates available towards the summer.

One Change for this season --- ALL CHARTER/OPEN BOAT rates INCLUDE gratuity for the deckhand; you will see this noted on both the OB and Charter Page.

**We have posted some PRELIMINARY fluke till ya puke (fluke marathons 6:30-4PM) dates on the open boat page.  There are also July Seabass Marathon trips posted on the same page.  These trips are the same length of time as the FTYP trips, but the focus is on the seabass when the season opens!

If you are interested in reserving a spot or multiple spots, or are ready to book a charter - shoot us an email or give us a call to secure your dates!


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