2015 Reports

12/13 Update - Season Over - THANK YOU!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 13 December 2015 05:52

Yesterday we had to do the inevitable, which was pull Reel Class for the winter season.  Our marina is getting new docks (finally!) and they shut off our power, fuel, and water, and our winter home is shutting down early this week so the decision was made for us!

We left the bass biting last week as well as some bluefish and the togs were also there for us too when we tried.  Fishing this December, and fall for that matter was nothing short of spectacular!  In terms of stripers, the sheer AMOUNT of fish we caught, as well as the size, both BIG fish (to 40#) and small fish bodes well for next year AND the future.  The naysayers stating the stocks are in such bad shape have suddenly disappeared!

Whatever the case, we're going to resume sometime in April - if we have a warm winter the bass might be back waiting for us, otherwise we'll start with cod and bottom fish.

Have a GREAT Holiday Season - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends!!!
11/17 Update - BASSIN STILL ON FIRE!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 05:10

I last updated the site on 11/5 stating that bassing was on fire - today on 11/17 - it's STILL ON FIRE!!!  Loads of bass, shorts to 30+ lbers on plugs, bunker, jigs, shads, bunker spoons - you name it!!!  Also more bluefish around now, and those are size XXXL ranging up to 22#!!!
11/5 Update - BASSIN' ON FIRE!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 06 November 2015 07:54

QUICK UPDATE - STRIPER FISHING IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS RIGHT NOW!!! LAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN INSANE WITH FISH TO 32#!!!!  Live bunker, snag n drop, bunker spoons, plugs - it's ALL working!
10/18 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 19 October 2015 18:02

We finally got our trips in this past weekend and saw a mix of action, with Saturday being a better day.  Reports are below, and pics are in the gallery.  We'll be focusing on seabass when it opens, bass, bluefish, and tog.

Saturday 10/17: Ran our first trip In about a month Saturday looking for bass blues Albies & weakfish. Early on we had good action w 2-4# bluefish on jigs and spinning rods. Once the wind came up that crapped out. Didn't see any bunker... Worked our way back found a few pods of Albies but couldn't get one to bite. Finished up jigging the motherlode of weakfish --- easily boxed our boat limit (boating well over 50 including countless shorts) and had ~25 keepers to 18" (ORL). No bass or Albies but Larry was even able to Bucktail up a few more fluke as well as weakies. Total for the day was about 40 cocktail blues and our 8 weakfish boat limit. Nice trip lotsa bent rods!

Sunday 10/18: Stark opposite of yesterday. Nice ocean, lots of bunker, very few fish on them. Couldn't find the "bigger" 2-4# blues that we had on the jigs --- wound up bottom fishing for a bit and found a few porgies and blowfish, also PLENTY of would-be keeper seabass. Jigged up some pee wee sized blues and spike weaks on the way home - and also found some albies again but it was tough to get them to bite with the wind and the speed with which they were moving. Tough day overall!
9/23 UPDATE!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 14:59

Our last few trips of the summer were on the weekend of 8/30-31.  Fluke fishing was slow for us as we only had a few keepers and a few shorts.  That weekend, we suffered a mechanical setback and had to be out of action for about 10 days.  Luckily, with some great guidance from our friends in the marine service industry were able to remediate the problem ourselves and were back up and running by Sunday 9/6.  We had trips scheduled for Tues 9/8, Sat-Sun 9/12-9/13, and 9/19 and 9/23 - but ALL OF THEM were weathered out with the exception of Tues 9/8 which we didn't have enough anglers to sail.

We have a LOAD of FALL dates open and these are posted on the OPEN page!  Check em out get back to us if you are interested!

Porgies, seabass when it opens, tog, and also bass/bluefish are on the horizon!!!
Reel Class/Pt. Pleasant FLUKE Update 8/18
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 04:42

Fluke fishing has definitely been up and down, hit or miss the last 10 or so days.  When we've had good drifting conditions, fishing has been good, but when we haven't had the drift fishing has been slow -- if it's been too fast, we catch shorts and the occasional keeper.  That's why our #'s are all over the place, some days we're well into the teens to near 20 keepers, other days we're under 10.  For the most part, we're averaging 10-20 keepers per trip and there are lots of nice fish in the 3-5# range, and now a few more in the 6# range showing up.  Pics are in the gallery!
8/3 Update - BIG Improvement in Fluking!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 03 August 2015 04:37

After that south current backed off, basically very late in the day Friday - fluke fishing has improved greatly!  When conditions have been good, the fishing has been excellent.  Saturday's trip for the JCAA produced 25 keepers and 75 shorts to 5#, and Sunday's trip produced 22 keepers and about 60 shorts to 7# -- EXCELLENT fishing compared to what we've seen!!
Reel Class/Pt Pleasant FLUKE & Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 30 July 2015 05:06

7/30  Update ---  Been away for a week at Disney, just got back (thanks for reminding me to update the site Cubby!! :)

Overall the last 2 weeks fluking has been slow, and ling/cod fishing has been decent.  It seems we're in the mid-July doldrums with fluking and generally speaking fishing is dominated by shorts with keepers sprinkled in here and there.  We've also had a raging south current the last week or so which doesn't help!  Typically we're seeing a measly 5-12 keepers per trip :(

For the PP Elks, Capt Kenny had the guys and fishing was VERY tough, only a dozen keepers to 5#.
6/27 Update - FLUKE & SEABASS!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 08:30

Very Quick Update:

SEABASS fishing is still excellent with some ling mixed in!

FLUKING is also very good - 18 keepers on our first trip to 9#!! Congrats to Bill Horak with the big one thus far!
Update! Seabass - Cod - Ling & Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 03:55

Very quick update - the last few bottom fishing trips have been pretty good with lots of seabass, cod and ling coming up as well as a stray fluke or two.

Saturday: Had a full 6 man open boat crew on yesterday for a bottom fishing trip. Ocean was gorgeous early although there was a smallish swell from the SE.Basically went out to where we had a good bite last weekend and still found some life, however it was mostly short seabass along with 2 nice keeper cod caught by Tommy. Bounced around, picked a few everywhere in this area but in general it was very slow.

Made a move offshore to fish a few large wrecks. First one was fair with a few nice seabass coming up as well as shorts, but that was short lived. The next one was NG, the third one was VERY good with drop and reel fishing for the entire time we were on it. An even mix of keepers and shorts, the bite was excellent as we also added a few ling to the box.

Finished up trying a couple more wrecks in the area, and the fishing was only so-so. Also tried our reef - it as VERY slow as we only had bergalls.To finish the day we did 2 fluke drifts to the E of our inlet and had 1 nice fish come up by Larry Flukemaster (Lingmaster?) on one of his hooked on bucktails - a nice 3# fish.

Good day overall with 80 keeper seabass, 10 ling, 2 cod and the fluke - we also had another 3-4 VERY luck tog that went back alive - the ones we had today were all in the 15-17" range. We were just short of the crew's limit but they still had a load to bring home for a fish fry. Overall a great day with a great crew!!

Sunday: Yesterday we had Les and the Members of the Fish-On Fishing Club from Maryland on board. The 4 members (Les, Nicole, Chief, and Jarvis) drove up to Pt. Pleasant overnight from North Carolina from a redfish/speckled trout trip - they are beasts!!

Started out on a wreck and had decent life, picked up some shorts and keepers, as well as a couple ling, but it was tough going. Hit a few more wrecks and picked a few everywhere, but no great shakes. We eventually worked our way back to the south to another piece and we had some decent fishing for a bit with some nice knuckleheads coming up, as well as a beautiful shimano calcutta 400 and terramar rod as well as a beautiful 2# seabass (this is NOT a lie!) - an angler on another boat fishing this piece dropped it in the water on the hookset, saw us get the rod up, and shouted over to us. Our agreement was he keeps the rod, we keep the fish

Around noon time it seemed the inshore bite dried up so we shot off to one of my favorite ling/cod wrecks out to the east in 120'. Surprisingly life there was very slow - lots of bergalls and ocean pout, but Les picked a double header keeper cod, a nice 12#, and Nicole added a nice keeper while Chief put a few ling in the box. Overall though, even that offshore stuff seemed slow.

Called it a day at 2 - had 45 seabass, an even dozen ling, and 4 cod in the box as well as one sea raven. Nice day with a great crew - fishing was only fair but we were able to get some fish in the cooler!
6/6 Update - EXCELLENT Bottom Fishing!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 07 June 2015 06:14

Saturday 6/6:  Had Jon Frankel charter the boat yesterday - 5 man crew. Guys wanted seabass we obliged.

Started out fishing somewhat locally, and had a slow pick with mixed sized seabass. Made a few wiggles, kept picking - all on the drift, we had no conditions to anchor. Finally found more, where we were picking 5-10 each drift with loads of shorts, and also had a keeper cod and pollock - but that seemed to dry up as the wind started to blow a bit.

Ran offshore a few more miles, and found even better fishing. Loads of seabass, lots of keepers and a good amount of shorts were on a couple of pieces we fished here. Once we got set up on the hook the guys went to work and cleaned up - banging out their limits in no time and then finishing off the entire 7 man's crew just after lunch time. Lots of nice quality seabass, and also LOADS of shorts - had many double headers...

Called it quits just after lunchtime and took a slow ride home. Finished the day with a boat limit of seabass (105), 1 pollock, 1 cod, and (shockingly) only 1 ling. Biggest seabass was about 3# (most K's were in that 14-16" range) and the cod and pollock were both ~22". Mike was high hook with almost 30 keepers, Jon and Chris were just behind him.

We also released quite a few seabass in the 12.5"-13" range that were on the "small" side (ones with super long tails) - if I had to guess we had well over 300 fish and easily released another couple dozen that we could've kept but they were released unharmed.

...An excellent day of seabass fishing with a great crew!!

**Pics in Gallery**
5/31 Update - Seabass, Cod
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 31 May 2015 06:45

Had a couple trips the last 2 days, reports are below.

Friday 5/29: Had Mike Ervin and crew on board for Mike's brother Sean's bachelor party. This was a short Half-day trip, so we were limited where we could fish, so we opted to seabass fish locally but that was very slow. Water temp was 46-48* the whole morning. Last hour of the trip we tried for bass w/ the maja spoons - NG. Only 15 seabass for the morning...

Saturday 5/30: Had Kevin Gordon and crew on board for his dad Kevin Sr's 60th birthday. Great, fun group of guys. Pea soup fog most of the day kept me on my toes Decided to fish a different area and found better life, with nicer fish. Had to hop around A LOT both on the drift and on the hook to put it together, but the guys worked hard. Lots of nice seabass, mostly 14-16" fish, plus a surprisingly large amount of cod were found on some of these pieces, with only a few ling. About half the cod n seabass were keepers, and we did also see a half dozen nice chunky blackfish which were released unharmed. Fishing was not hot by any means we basically had a slow pick all day - we'd pick a few off each piece then have to shift or move on - surface temp was 54 but the fish were coming up ice cold so that probably had something to do with it.

For the day we boxed up 30 keeper seabass, 10 cod (had at least twice that in shorts!) and 2 ling.

Memorial Day Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 25 May 2015 05:14

Striper fishing has generally been OK the last couple of weeks but when we've gotten out, the fishing has been slow.  Only a few fish here and there.  Good fishing has been had on weekdays when boat traffic is light.  Fluke just opened, and surprisingly, fishing is pretty good on the outside and in the bays and rivers.  Still lots of bluefish around.  Can't wait for seabass to open this week!!

Sunday 5/24:  Had Matt Galvin and crew on for bass.  Lots of blues in on the beach on the bunker - caught them on everything - only got 1 bass trolling 47"/38# taken by Tommy.

Saturday 5/23:  Had Larry and crew on for fluke "opener."  Started out bassing - that was NG in the hard N wind so we fluke fished.  Finally found fluke way up north and scratched out 7 keepers and about 20 shorts for the guys.  A last minute attempt at trolling a bass close to home was NG.

*Pics in gallery*
5/4 Update - Blues, Codfish, & Stripers
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 04 May 2015 03:53

Quick Monday morning update...

Our season started LAST weekend 4/25 and we had slow codfishing for Pete and his crew, and then Sunday we took a ride down Barnegat Bay to get into the bluefish action and had generally slow action there also.

We rescheduled this Saturday's trip (5/2), but Sunday we took a ride on an open trip looking for some bluefish and found just that, SOME.  Not the great life locally that was experienced Saturday, more of a spread out pick with a fish here and there on the jig and troll.  We also were lucky enough to boat our first bass of the season on a AVA jig on Sunday also.

Our next open boat trip is Saturday 5/16, and 5/17.  Tight lines till then!
2015 Season is upon us!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 03 April 2015 05:19

After another long bitter, cold, and snowy winter, we are back :)

The new boat is coming along nicely.  Most of the electrical work is done, and the name is now on the boat.  Basically all we have to do in the next two weeks is wax it and paint the bottom and we're set to roll.  I posted a couple of pics in the new 2015 gallery!

Our first trip is scheduled for Saturday, 4/25 - we have a charter.  Most likely, Sunday 4/26 will be run as an open - stay tuned for that.

Open boat dates (some of them) have been posted in the open boat section on the website.

...more to come - let's now hope for some warm weather!!!


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