12/13 Update - Season Over - THANK YOU!

Yesterday we had to do the inevitable, which was pull Reel Class for the winter season.  Our marina is getting new docks (finally!) and they shut off our power, fuel, and water, and our winter home is shutting down early this week so the decision was made for us!

We left the bass biting last week as well as some bluefish and the togs were also there for us too when we tried.  Fishing this December, and fall for that matter was nothing short of spectacular!  In terms of stripers, the sheer AMOUNT of fish we caught, as well as the size, both BIG fish (to 40#) and small fish bodes well for next year AND the future.  The naysayers stating the stocks are in such bad shape have suddenly disappeared!

Whatever the case, we're going to resume sometime in April - if we have a warm winter the bass might be back waiting for us, otherwise we'll start with cod and bottom fish.

Have a GREAT Holiday Season - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends!!!


Reel Class - Pt. Pleasant Fishing -- 7/1 UPDATE -- BIG CHANGES FORTHCOMING!

In the spirit of always being transparent, here's our latest update!

This morning, the Henriques which we purchased in 2014 left Clark's Landing headed North up to New Hampshire with its new owners. We wish them NOTHING but the best with this boat!

For us, this boat was very good to us for almost 4 years. It's size, it's stability, it's seaworthiness, and overall it's room were a great asset and we killed MANY fish with this boat.

But, as is the case with any boat, and any boat owner can sympathize, the cost of running this boat really began to outweigh the revenue that it generated. In good faith, I could not raise my charter and open boat fares to insane levels just to compensate for the cost of running this boat. I found myself in the engine room and bilge multiple times per week, especially last season, and it got to a point where I couldn't keep up. Finally Thanksgiving weekend last year we had a major issue, had to cancel our trips, and that issue was finally fully resolved just a few weeks ago after months of work by GREAT diesel mechanics that basically rebuilt my entire starboard motor. As was the case back in May, the buyers that emerged back in the winter stayed with us all along through the ups and downs and we were able to work things out with them.

This is NOT the end for us, we're simply closing a chapter in our history. This is what happens, and sometimes decisions are easy to make, sometimes they're tough, for me, this decision was EASY.

Kenny and Eric have been with me all along with this and there will be more to come.... My goal is to return to our roots somewhat, in getting a boat that has more versatility and more speed; something we can take places we couldn't with the Henriques and still have a great fishing platform. Yes, I have something in mind :)

So with that said, consider this a mere hiatus, as we are going to take our time in doing our due diligence in investing in a boat that will serve us well in the present and in the future, as fisheries, regulations, and our lives change. So stay with us, and be patient!

....Onto the next chapter!

For day-by-day fishing reports - go to NJFishing.com or go on Capt Allen's Facebook page -- we post them there everyday!!  


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